The One Internet Dating Mistake You Shouldn't Make

This could be the difference between meeting your Mr. Right or not

Online dating is frustrating to say the least. I hear from many of my clients that it's making them crazy. But of all the Internet dating mistakes you can make, there is one that I see over and over again.

Here's an example of an email I received from a client:

Virginia, I have been online dating for 3 years on 4 different sites, and I can't get a date! I give my number when they ask, and then they don't call 90% of the time. And when they do call, we chat, they say that we will meet this week, and that they will call back, but they never do. With texing or e-mails it's the same thing, they ask when can we meet, and they never set a day. If I do they always say great, I will call back. They never do. What's up with that? I am spending so many hours on the internet, or texing those guys, and I never meet any of them. What am I doing wrong? I am so tired of online dating, because for me is a waste of time!

I know for a fact my client is doing everything right, her profile and photos are appealing and she's a vibrant woman with a lot of interests. So why is this happening to her?

My answer to her and you is that unfortunately there are men on these sites that are not looking for a serious relationship so naturally they respond differently. But even with that being the case, no matter what, you have tokeep trying and move forward. Don't make the Internet dating mistakes that most women make -- the mistake of giving up. I have clients that just stop going online for months at a time and that could be the difference between finding your Mr. Right or not.

Ultimately, the men who don't follow through are not right for you, but don't stop your search because of their bad behavior. Before every "yes" there may be 100 "nos" and if you stop at the 99th "no" you will miss out on the "yes" that's coming.

Remember there are always new men signing up!

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The energy and intention you put out by continuing to internet date will come back to you. You are putting in the effort and that effort will be rewarded, just like cause and effect. You may meet Mr. Right on a date you make online OR he may show up at the library or the supermarket. Wherever you meet, it will be because you continued in the face of disappointment and frustration, you perservred and none of your time has been wasted.