3 Tips To Perfect Your Online Profile And Get The Girl


A great profile is the first step towards meeting your dream woman online.

Online dating is the new normal. These days, you’re more likely to meet someone on the internet than you are at a nightclub or bar. If you think about it, this makes all kinds of sense. The advantages of online dating are numerous and allow you to be proactive about your dating life — screw fate; you’re taking control of your own destiny.

Because this has become one of the most common ways to meet people, knowing how to attract women online can mean the difference between happily ever after, and another Saturday night where you've got nobody. But the good news is that learning how to attract women online is a very quick study. All it takes is remembering these 3 tips.

  1. A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words: Men don't have a monopoly on the importance of physical attraction. Women also want to be attracted to the person they're dating. For this reason, you will only have success on the internet if you post a picture. Still, how to attract women online isn't an issue that is black and white. At least not when it comes to photographs (no, not even when your photos are black and white). Not only do you need to post a picture, but you need to post the right one. So do post photos that are clear, show your face (and your body), and are nonthreatening. Refrain from posting photos of you surrounded by women, doing something embarrassing (such as throwing up on your grandma), or those that are decades old. Yes, a woman will notice if the picture your post is from your high school yearbook. Thus, no matter how much Class of '96 ruled, be sure to stay in the present. 
  2. Write A Profile, Not A Novel: Another key in how to attract women online involves the length of your profile; refrain from writing a novel. A profile that is too wordy or too long will either be skipped over entirely (who wants to read War and Peace when they can buy the CliffsNotes?) or will leave people under the assumption that your date's "requirements" are innumerous ("My date must be blond, with blue eyes, and exactly 65 inches tall, weighing 124 pounds. She must either be a teacher or a nurse and be willing to friend my mom on Facebook. She must let me go out with my bros every other weekend and not be annoyed when I call them 'my bras.' And, she must never complain about my video game habit. If she loves Call of Duty as much as I do, I’ll probably marry her on the spot.") A profile that is too long isn't one that will attract women; rather, it'll repel them. So instead of writing everything you've ever thought about dating, keep it simple. Think of your profile like your highlight reel, and focus more on who you are, rather than who your date must be.
  3. Say What You're Looking For: Now, it may seem like I'm contradicting myself since I just suggested in the quest of how to attract women online that you refrain from writing a profile in the same manner you would write a letter to St. Nick ("Dear Santa, Please bring me a woman who likes sports and movies starring Cameron Diaz. Love, Bobby.") But you do need to be honest in what you are looking for. In other words, if you are looking to date casually, be sure you say that. If you are looking to find your true love, be sure to say that. If you arent sure why you're looking, you should even say that. If you fail to say what you are looking for, you hurt yourself in two ways. First of all, a woman viewing your profile doesn't want to have to guess why you're trying online dating; she wants to hear it in your own words. If you divulge your reasons and you and her are on the same page, she is much more likely to be responsive to your profile than someone who has no idea what you're after. Second of all, if you are only interested in dating casually and do not mention that, you just might end up on a date with someone who thinks you're ready to settle down. Then things can get awkward really quickly — especially after she starts planning your wedding.

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