Can You Find Love From Watching The Bachelorette?

Can You Find Love From Watching The Bachelorette? [EXPERT]

It is inevitable that every few months I get a question asking what I think of the current Bachelor/Bachelorette. Honestly? I haven't watched it for years since "Bob the Bachelor" was on there. Why? Because honestly, it is hard to digest. Don't get me wrong, is it good, addictive entertainment? Hell yeah! Does it have ANYTHING to do with love and creating a great relationship? Nope. Not one bit. How To Date Like The Bachelorette

I love guilty pleasures and have a few of my own that include, as my friend C found out last week, The Thong Song by Sisqo. Yet, I don't actually believe that Sisqo knows some universal truth about underwear, it is just a silly, catchy song by a short guy with bad silver hair.

So if you are a die hard Bachelor(ette) fan, here are 3 things to keep in mind:

1. They are all drunk. Seriously, has no one else noticed how much champagne they drink? I wonder if there would really be so many fights, make-outs, hot tub scenes or tears if they weren't boozing it up all the time. Why wouldn't they think they were falling in love when they are constantly liquored up? It's like 24-7 beer goggles. Turn The Walk Of Shame Into A Stride Of Pride

2. Where do they get these people? I mean seriously? I love the fact that they are supposedly "real" guys and gals just like us, but if any of these guys that they are showing previews of on Hulu were my clients, I would maybe have to rethink my business. Want proof? One of the guys is nicknamed "Shooter." He received the nickname in college because he prematurely ejaculated and decided to tell the Bachelorette the first night. Really? What about "Bear" who claims there are no women in the secluded area he is from called....Colorado?!? Really? People, I can't make this stuff up! The 8 Bachelorette Castoffs We'd Most Like To Date

3. Don't be confused, it is just entertainment. Though it is not as fun to believe, reality shows are known to be manipulated, as well as, even scripted sometimes. They add the hot messes knowing that they will be dramatic and make better television. They set up ridiculously romantic situations that don't really create the chance to find out if someone is a great communicator, a partner that will help with the cooking and cleaning, can help pay the bills and has a similar relationship style. All stuff that starts mattering when the booze wears off and you are faced with real life. Although, not as romantic as jetting off to Hawaii like they do on The Bachelor(ette), that is when life gets good.

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