Couple Builder: Ask How To Make Things More Sensual

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Get your information about making it hot from your lover, not the Web.

Today's Positive Interaction uses several different couple building skills. It requires you to communicate, and it helps to strengthen the positive connection between you in the bedroom.

In Tuesday's article, The Top 5 Problems With Sex Today, I mentioned that people are getting too much information from the Internet, and not enough from their partner. Getting information from the Internet is, by its nature, impersonal. When we take information gathered impersonally into intimacy we depersonalize that as well. This leaves partners feeling disconnected and lonely in the very arena that's meant to bond them and create closeness!

Many people feel awkward talking to each other directly about sex, especially during the middle of love making. So to take the pressure off a bit, start by asking your lover about it when you're not in bed together. Make sure you create a safe atmosphere by taking time to connect physically first. Hold hands, offer a hug, or a short backrub. Give your partner a few kisses. Then, make eye contact and ask, "What would make our love making more sensual for you?" Make sure to invite an honest response with an open posture and a smile. Try to get that flirtatious twinkle in your eye, if you can.

Learning to get information about intimacy from each other, and not from other sources, is an important step in keeping your couple relationship strong. It creates a private world inhabited just by the two of you, and a private language of love that is sexy indeed!

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