6 Ways To Make Love A Habit Every. Single. Day In Your Marriage

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How to Make Love a Habit
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We know it's not always easy.

As a relationship coach and therapist, I truly believe love is the essence of life. The capacity to love — and be loved — represents the harmony between giving and receiving. True joy in life comes from achieving that balance.

Want more love in your life? There’s no better time than the present. It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life and lose sight of the continued importance of doing so.

That’s why I’m all for making every day an opportunity to share and express our love — and to receive expressions of love with grace as well.

How to find love? By giving and receiving love a habit. Here are six simple tips to do just that:

1. Create a "love list".

These are the people who mean the most to you — spouse, partner, kids, siblings, and friends. Put a reminder on your calendar to send a just-because-I-love-you card or email to at least one of them weekly or biweekly.

2. Meet up with people.

Single or divorced and yearning to be in a relationship? Investigate and attend activities that are interesting to you via meet-up groups, park district, or college classes or just a monthly outing with supportive friends.

3. Stay connected.


If you’re in a long-term relationship, make it a daily habit to connect in ways that are meaningful to your partner — even if it's just for a few minutes.

4. Be appreciative.

If your partner or spouse is unsure what would be meaningful to you, ask if he or she would like a suggestion. When they do as you’ve asked — even if it’s not exactly as you described — accept it graciously!

The same goes for receiving gifts and compliments. Say "Thank you so much" rather than "You shouldn’t have" or "It was on sale!"

5. Set time aside for loved ones.

For parents, set an alarm on your mobile phone each day when you know you’ll be with your kids so you can give each of them special attention, acknowledgment, and affection.

6. Love yourself.


Put yourself on your love list! Whether it’s buying a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for yourself, an evening with your best pal at a sports bar, or a day off-the-internet-grid, be sure to give yourself the gift of love.

The more we allow love to permeate our lives, the richer our lives will be. Promise.