We Celebrate Halloween As A Family

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The family that dresses up for Halloween together, stays together.

The family that dresses up for Halloween together, stays together.
What happens when two grown adults who like to dress up on Halloween have a child? Well, he gets to be part of the madness, until he wants to begin deciding for himself what he wants to be for Halloween. What are his parents to do? Especially since he keeps changing his mind?

Fall is my favorite time of year. The crisp cool air, the changing colors of the leaves, the downhill slide toward Christmas, and three of my favorite holidays all in a row.

It starts with Halloween. We know people in church who refuse to leave the house that day, but, in our house, Halloween has always been a big thing. I was raised in the theatre. I'm a performer. I like pretending and putting on a show. Sometimes too much! My beautiful wife was born on November 1. So, Halloween was always a fun holiday for her as well. Her Birthdays were always a combination birthday and Halloween celebration.

When we started dating, I was in radio, so naturally I was always broadcasting somewhere at a haunted house or event on All Hallow's Eve. She was in the service industry working in restaurants, bars and clubs. (I even saw her throw a guy out of a building one time. Super hot, but she'll down play it if you ever ask her about it.) All that to say, she liked to do the costume thing, and I thought it was fun too. 50 Couples Halloween Costumes

As we started dating, we always came up with couples halloween costume ideas. I don't remember all the costumes, but I do remember being a dwarf one year, and she was Snow White. I don't have a clue as to how I was talked into that one. When our son came along, we quickly decided to get him in on the family action.

He was born in September, so his first Halloween extravaganza was when he was just barely more than a month. I have to say he made a great Robin to my Batman. We both were elated when my wife found the extremely cute 'Robin' baby costume on eBay. Since then, we have been Jessie, Woody and Buzz, and Mickey, Minnie and Goofy (another one that I can't believe I agreed to). We ended up as Batman, Robin and Batgirl again last year, because once again, my wife found a super cool Robin costume as she was thriftily shopping at our local Goodwill. Money Saving Tips

What are your holiday traditions? Do you have family costumes?

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