8 Ways To Have The Marriage Of Your Dreams With Your One True Love

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8 Marriage Advice That Happy Couples In Healthy Relationships Do To Maintain True Love

Stay head-over-heels in love for the long haul.

Beyonce and Jay-Z! Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen! John Stockton and "The Mailman" Karl Malone! Bill and Melinda Gates!

These great partnerships didn't just happen overnight. It took years of hard work, understanding and cultivating the powerful ingredients that make their partnerships truly magical.

What are the signs of a healthy relationship and a good marriage?

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Here are 8 pieces of marriage advice that happy couples in healthy relationships follow to make sure their true love never dies.

1. Cultivate your complementary strengths

No matter how educated and powerful you are, you have weaknesses. One of the great ways to make your marriage powerful is that you identify the strengths of your partner and work hard to cultivate them any chance you get.

2. Develop a common core mission

Your marriage can be truly powerful if you have a common mission. A common mission not only gives you blueprint for your marriage to stand on, it helps you get back on track when the daily grind of life steers you of course.

3. Create a sense of fairness

In a relationship, there is an instinctive need for fairness. If one partner or the other feels fairness is lacking, it can erode a powerful partnership. Trusting your partners is crucial in a successful married life.

When you are in a strong partnership, there is a sense of vulnerability that comes with it because you are expected to share your whole self to your partner. You have to be able to fully trust that your partner will not use what you have given them to their advantage but honor it.

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4. Accept your partner's differences

Boundaries in marriage are important. When two people come together from two different world views there is bound to be friction from time to time.

In order to ensure this friction doesn't increase to a major conflict, we have to be able to accept these differences.

5. You have to be able to forgive

Your partner is not perfect and neither are you. Mistakes happen. Without forgiveness, the natural instinct to seek retribution for our partner's mistakes will overtake the partnership and the marriage won't survive.

6. Develop a mutual communication style

Communication is the lifeblood of a strong marriage partnership. Since everyone has their own style of communicating, there are times during the marriage when you aren't on the same page.

Having a mutual communication style will help reduce misunderstandings, assumptions and helps marriages become effectively and efficiently.

7. Unselfishness has to become second nature

When you think about your partners needs before your own and that mindset becomes second nature it can really transform your marriage. It's very gratifying when you see the needs of your partner met.

If you develop these 8 habits, your marriage will definitely be the powerful force that transcends the challenges life can throw at any relationship.

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