Is Filtering People By Weight A Good Or Bad Idea?


Online dating has many filters by age and location--now you can filter by someone's weight.

Are OkCupid's filters really that bad?

The popular dating website OkCupid is causing controversy after announcing they will allow users to pay a membership fee in order to filter out people based on body types. On the surface, this sounds like a move that is both politically incorrect and incongruent with the times. We are supposedly in the age of acceptance, yet OkCupid is encouraging people to choose their potential mates by discriminating against certain physical makeups.

While debatable, OkCupid's idea to implement this is not completely off the mark. The reality is this: people have real attractions to specific types of people. This process happens in real life. While going about daily life, people regularly stick to their physical standards. At a bar, for example, a single person would not approach an individual they weren't physically attracted to. When a friend is setting up another friend on a blind date, they don't pair them with someone that they know their friend wouldn't be interested in.

Dating services take this into consideration. Services, like Stef and the City, take measures to ensure their clients will be matched with someone who is most compatible with them. This includes asking questions to find out what types of people they prefer.

Don't limit yourself. Yes, it is okay to recognize that you have inclinations towards certain body types, but don't completely shut out anyone who doesn't match these preferences. Sometimes, you may think you know what you want, but you actually don't. Maybe you would have a really great connection with someone who is slightly out of tune with your partialities.

Bottom line—it is okay to be picky, but don't take it to the extreme. Humans have a tendency to be physically attracted to certain types of people, but do your best to be open minded. Sometimes people may surprise you and be more attractive in person and may have described themselves differently than how they appear for the better. You will never know what you could find unless you try.

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