7 Reasons Marriage Is The BEST THING That Ever Happened To You

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art of marriage

What if marriage is actually GOOD for you?!

You've probably heard that marriage is on the decline.

In many ways that seems understandable with the high levels of divorce rate and often unattractive views of marriage that we see in our communities and in the media.

But are we being too quick to end this institution? Is it possible to throw out the negatives of marriage, but keep the good stuff and actually have marriage be a positive and wonderful place for those of us who choose to take that leap?As someone who has been married a long time, I want to underline some of the great aspects of marriage we should try to hang on to. Even if marriage is becoming something of a lost art: 

1) Marriage can be a "home base" of safety and security.


A place of both support and love and a place to pull away from the exhaustion and chaos that many of us face in other areas of our lives.  

If a couple is a team, then marriage can be the team dugout; a place to regroup, connect, and motivate.

2) Marriage can also be a place to share life's burdens.
Two can be better than one if both partners are on board to contribute equally to the partnership.
3) Marriage can be the source of pampering and love.
What if we looked for ways to care for each other beyond sexual intimacy?
Like packing lunches, watching the other’s favorite television show, or cooking each other’s favorite meals? When done right, marriage enhances both people through caregiving and kindness.
4) Marriage can be the BEST place to learn about respect and caring for others.
...at least if you want your marriage to last!
Yes, it’s often easier to be alone. But if you really want to be in a partnership, learning how to communicate with love and respect is one of the best and most challenging aspects of marriage.
5) Marriage is a place to learn more about who you really are and what doesn't work for YOU. 
What motivates you? What frustrates you? What do you value most in life? Marriage by it’s very nature will help you figure all of that out.
6) Marriage is a way to announce to the world that you are a couple, and ask for support in your life together.
It is  a very public way to ask to be part of, and supported by, a community.  
7) Marriage is ultimately about sharing a life together.
It’s being on a team together, maybe sharing a name, but always sharing time and energy with each other.
In today’s day and age it isn’t a requirement to marry your partner and many people won’t feel the need to do so.  That’s understandable and may or may not lead to solid relationships for many of these couples. Yet what if we changed the focus of marriage from “possessing” one and other to “accompanying” one and other through life as partners and companions? 
Lisa Kaplin is a psychologist and life coach at www.smartwomeninspiredlives.com. You can reach her at Lisa@smartwomeninspiredlives.com