Sex and Dating: Why It Really Does Matter

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Has sex become more important than getting to know someone while dating?

Those who follow my blog regularly know that I talk a lot about sex and about discerning when the best time is to have sex. My recent post called, "Sex Is What’s Wrong With Dating," explored the prevalence of sex in the dating world and how sex has become more important than getting to know someone. You may agree with me, or you may not, but I think that sex and dating really is a big issue that needs to be discussed. For me, discussion on the sex and dating topic needs to be front and center. Ok people...we need to talk.

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What People Are Saying About Sex and Dating

Essentially, there are two schools of thought. Some people think that it doesn’t matter when you have sex because sex doesn’t really matter anymore. Others think that waiting will ensure that you will get to know the person better before you decide that you want to be with them. Then, and only then, should you have sex. Both schools of thought have merit and it really comes down to personal choice and comfort level. I always say, and this is true of every encounter and every person you meet (whether or not you have sex with them), that if someone wants to be with you, they will be regardless of if you have sex with them the first date or the tenth date. It’s very simple really.

What do I think? Well, as most of you know I am in the "wait a bit" school of thought. Even if they will be with you anyway if you have sex or not, you will save yourself the emotional turmoil if they decide not to be with you.  Besides (as I spoke about previously on my blog) countless studies have concluded that those couples who wait have stronger and more stable relationships because they got to know each other first and avoided the blinding lust which in turn allowed them to see the person for who they really are. That’s good enough reason for me!

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