5 Tips For Meeting Good Men

Single Women Dating: Find out how good women like you can find great guys who are looking for you!


How often do we hear women affirm that "there just are no more good men left, or that the ones left are all players, dogs or jerks who do not know how to treat a woman?"  I know that I hear it so often that if I had a dime for each time I heard it, I would be Oprah rich! The fact is that there are more than a few good men out there; you just need to know where and how to find them. Read below and find out how and where single women are meeting their husbands everyday!

1. Be Ready To Recieve Love.

Before embarking on your mission to finding Mr. Right, you should first have yourself together and ready to receive love. A closed mouth will never be feed and a closed heart can never receive love.  Kick your bitter heart break to the curb and give love a try.  Who knows, lightning could strike!

2. Make A "Perfect Partner" List.

Second, you should have a list of what you’re looking for and maintain an open mind because the very thing you say you would never do, you may need to do in order to attract what you desire! If you have read my books, you would have found that I include an activity for constructing a ‘Perfect Partner’ list. There will never be a perfect person but there is a perfect partner for you who is waiting on you as you are waiting on them. Having a list, peppered with flexibility will help you to identify him when he shows up.

Do not to be obsessive about what’s on your ‘partner’ list, because you really do need to keep a bit of an open mind here to avoid missing out on someone who could be perfect for you even though he isn’t the 6 foot five model you had placed on your list. I don’t recommend you settle for a man you couldn’t imagine kissing with the lights on just for the sake of having someone, but you can find love in the most unlikely places; even in a man who isn’t as tall or as fine as you’d placed on your list!

3. Solicit Your Family And Friends To Keep A Look Out.

Now, where does a fabulously sexy single woman go to meet men? Everywhere! Armed with that open mind, you could stumble across Mr. Perfect-For-You just about anywhere. Putting yourself out there takes more than just walking with your eyes wide open. There are methods that you can enlist the help of to increase your exposure to great catches that just might be worthy of you. One of the best ways is to talk to your family and friends who are like untapped resources! Make sure that you select friends and family who have great discernment and who really do want the best for you! Let them know that you’re open to attracting a good man, because as friends and family, you know that they would not want to see you with anything less than a good person and you can count on them to be selective for you.

4. Think Like A Guy and Hang Out Where They Do!

Think about men and where they like to go in groups; ruling out the local strip joint or nightclub of course. Sports bars and the gym are great because they’re like one big man-buffet! You can pretty much guarantee that all eyes will be on you when you walk into a male dominated place like a sports bar or gym!


5. Go Online!

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There are resources such as online dating sites or singles functions like speed dating. Stop rolling your eyes and hear me out! As someone who not only knows what it’s like to be a single woman dating, but also a single mom dating after divorce; it can be tough to really get yourself back out there in the dating game. Many working class individuals complain that they never have time to go out and meet anyone; so online dating helps to eliminate these barriers. Creating an online profile and selecting only quality online dating sites that include a compatibility test can be a really good start. As for speed dating, don’t knock it till you try it! Remember; you need to keep an open mind and at the very least the experience could be fun. Not to mention, since you’re only spending a few minutes at a time with each guy, you won’t have to tolerate the ones you don’t like for long and it is great dating practice! I find joining activities like salsa dancing, golf or rock climbing lessons, to be another great source for meeting men with similar interest.
The point is that you will never meet anyone while sitting on your couch and doing nothing while hoping for a man to drop on your lap, the same way you would never find a job this way. Shake yourself off of your mundane pattern of living, get out there, put your sexy D.I.V.A shoes on and you will find that there may be a surprise waiting for you at the other end of the rainbow!