3 Lessons To Learn From A Kardashian Failed Marriage

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What every woman should learn from Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage disaster!

There is a lot of controversy swirling around Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries, as some speculate that it was all a fluke for television ratings. Although, I do believe that having the show added pressure to her decision to get married, I do not believe that she married Kris for ratings. I believe that she, like many women, made destructive mistakes along the way that led to the inevitable breakup. Kim Kardashian committed several “DIVA Don’ts” that we can all learn from to avoid repeating the same fate!

1. DIVA Don't date when you are healing from the breakup of an intense love. We were all aware that Kim Kardashian's real love was Reggie Bush. Although, there have been different rumors on why they broke up, it has always been evident that she really loved that man and that their breakup was hard on her. She committed mistake numeral Uno when she quickly jumped back into the dating game looking for a distraction to take her mind and heart off of her recent heart break. After a breakup, get clear, heal, learn from what you did wrong and give yourself time to move on so that you won’t be likely to enter a more destructive relationship due to cloudy judgment. DON'T Do It: 10 Things You Better Not Do After A Breakup!

2. DIVA Don't ever rush into marriage with someone you hardly even know. As I stated before, Kim Kardashian's rush to replace lost love led her to the arms of the wrong one. She did what many try to do; she looked at her sister’s short-term engagement and apparently successful marriage, and thought that she could duplicate the same result. Her sister was an exception and lucked out. Most people cannot and should not take that kind of risk and date a person for one month and be married by month three.

That is insane! It worked for Khloe because both her and Lamar happened to be willing to fully sacrifice themselves for eachother. It also helped that they had the same values and got really lucky. Kim Kardashian should have taken her time. She should have spent more time with Kris and after dating him for at least a year, she could've made a well thought out decision before agreeing to marry him.

3. DIVA Don't ignore your instincts. Once Kim realized that she had made the mistake of her life by agreeing to marry Humphries, she should have canceled the wedding plans or at least suspended them and asked for more time to make sure she was making the right decision. I could tell she knew she had doubts about marrying Kris by watching the Wedding Special where they argued about petty things. Her sister Khloe had a feeling that he was not the right one for Kim. Instead of listening to her sister who loved her and genuinely wanted the best for her, Kim got defensive and closed her mind and ears to the fact that she should slow down and rethink her marriage choice. Let Intuition Guide You To Love

In addition, I have spoke to many women, including myself, who knew on their wedding day that they shouldn’t get married to the man waiting at the alter but did it anyways because they’d spent a ton of money on a wedding and family and friends were all there to see the big event. The wedding is not for anyone but the bride and the groom and if either of them have doubts about the choice to get married, it is best that they speak now or forever hold their peace!