3 Ways To Transform A Bored Wife Into A Sex-Fox Who Can't Stay AWAY

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It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Do you want to know how to transform a bored woman into a sensual lover? It's easy. You have to romance them! If you love women and you have the desire to give them the best time of their life, you should definitely ask yourself this question. 

In modern society, we are trained to think that the life of the people around us is perfect. Women are especially good in maintaining this façade. Every picture a woman uploads on Facebook or Instagram is flawless and shows her with friends or on a vacation.

That's what society thinks you should see. The truth looks slightly different, though. 

One of my mentors once said that the average woman is constantly in three emotional states: horny, lonely and bored. Some women are even in all three of those states. Of course, nearly no woman admits that they have no sex life, but if you look at the typical daily routine of a single girl, you probably realize that life can be quite boring from time to time.

Her daily schedule consists of this: She wakes up, goes to work, tries not to fall asleep during work, gets home, watches some TV, goes to bed and repeats it the next day. The only difference on is that on weekends she goes out, gets drunk and wakes up the next day having a painful headache.

Of course, this is not the life of all single women, but it is definitely for some. Your job as a man is to find those women and to put an end to their boredom. If you love women, you would also love to transform them from grey mice to shining princesses.

1. Walk into her life and wake her up.

The next time you see a beautiful woman who looks as if she needs a few cheerful words, approach her with a direct compliment by telling her that she's incredibly beautiful. If you make her day, you might end up on a date with her. It's a win-win situation.

The moment you give her a compliment and she smiles at you, you will see that she starts to shine. The bored woman you approached will become a woman full of feminine energy. Now it is time to find out if she is a good fit for you.

Talk with her, get to know her, ask her deep questions about her passions, and connect with her on an emotional level. Show her that you really care about how she feels and what she likes. You have to set yourself apart from other men and show her that you are special. Thereby, you should establish a level of trust that is necessary for her to surrender herself to you later. 

2. Take her on an adventure.

Before you let her go, get her number, give her a kiss on the cheek and arrange a date for the weekend. Now you have enough time to f*ck everything up and bring her back to boredom by arranging a classical date. But wait, you don't have to make the same mistake that most guys make and bore her to death when meeting her again.

The only thing you have to do is take her on an adventure, but avoid the two most popular dating venues. Be creative and don't take her to the cinema or the café. Go go-kart racing, go climbing, or take her to an amusement park. There are countless possibilities that are way more adventurous than sitting opposite each other and drinking coffee.

By using creative dating venues, you are communicating to her that you are an adventurous guy and that you play by your own rules. On one hand this will make you become a lot more attractive; on the other, she'll understand that if you are unpredictable outside of the bedroom, you are probably also unpredictable inside the bedroom.

3. Release her sexual energy.

You already connected with her on an emotional level, but now you have to connect with her on a sexual level. It is time to initiate the transformation to a sensual lover. It is your job as a man to lead the interaction on a sexual level by using your eyes, your words and your touch.

Look her straight in the eyes and project your thoughts through your eye contact. Think about how you would undress her, how you would kiss her whole body, and how you would lick her while you are looking her in the eyes. She and her labia will feel your intent.

The way you speak with her should be very slow, and the words you use should either leave room for a sexual interpretation or directly address sexual topics. The moment you see that she is OK with talking about some dirty stuff, you can increase the intensity.

Remember, a bored woman wouldn't be bored if she had an exciting sex life. Girls who are bored and haven't had sex in weeks or months have a lot of repressed sexual energy that wants to get released. Trust me, she is like a volcano that is about to erupt every second. It is on you to control when the eruption will be.

One way to speed up this process is by touching her the right way. First, you should touch her very subtly by giving her a high five when she says something funny or "accidently" touch her arm when she stands close to you. As soon as she is comfortable with this, you have to go over from a friendly form of touching to a sexual form of touching. Put your arm around her waist and let her know that you want her.

The moment you end up in your bedroom, you should completely focus on her pleasure. Undress her, kiss her, lick her, and slide your fingers up and down her clitoris. Don't judge her for living out her sexuality. Embrace the fact that she allows herself to release her sexual energy and regard her moaning as a sign of trust and comfort in your presence.

Drive her crazy with your touch and f*ck her in a way she has never been f*cked before. Give her the room she needs to fully unfold her sexual potential as a sensual lover.