Why You Shouldn't Snob At Non Black And White Interracial Couples

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I realized that we as a society are extremely discriminating

In my last article I told you why you shouldn’t take interracial dating for granted, because the times can change all the time. I also said that we live in the best times that you can possibly think of when it comes to dating partners outside of your race.

What I said is true. I still believe that we live in amazing times and that interracial couples never had it easier. However, I also said that nobody would care that I date an Asian girl. During the last couple of weeks that I spent with her I had a few experiences that made me think and that motivated me to question what I said.

The more I observed interracial relationships from other people (including my own) and the more I talked with people about this topic, the more I realized that we as a society are extremely discriminating when it comes to the concept of interracial relationships. It seems as if some of those couples have a higher standard than others and that some interracial relationships are okay, whereas others are to condemn. 

The Romanticizing of Black and White Relationships

A couple of years ago it was unthinkable that somebody would accept relationships between a black man and a white woman or between a white man and a black woman. Due to the fact that those relationships became more and more popular, people gained a new understanding and acceptance.

However, this new understanding led to an extreme romanticizing of those relationships. Nowadays there are Facebook groups like Black Men + White Women = Love and Black Girls Who Love White Men Period.

That’s all well and good, but what about all the other interracial relationships? 

The Admiration of Asian Male White/Black Female Relationships

Does anybody even care about relationships between Asian men and white women or Asian men and black women?

Okay, I even found a Facebook group for black women who love Asian men but the member number was way below the other two groups. In my experience whenever you talk about interracial relationships everybody automatically assumes that you talk about the black and white constellation.

Don’t forget about the Asians!

As a result of this Asian men are always seen as incredible superheroes when they accomplish the impossible by dating girl outside of their race. Especially when they end up dating a blond white girl they are automatically the kings of their race.

Okay, black and white couples are so romantic and Asians who end up dating white girls are better than spider man and superman combined.

What about white guys who end up dating Asian girls?

The Downgrading of Asian Women and White Men Relationships 

The best proof that our society is extremely judgmental in regards to interracial relationships is when you are a white guy and you mention that you have an Asian girlfriend.

That’s nasty.

Everybody gives you this famous look as if they would instinctively know that your girl only dates you for money. There are so many ignorant people who automatically assume that all Asian women are bargirls.

Deep down they know that this stereotype is stupid but due to the fact that everybody says it and makes fun of it, it has to be true, right?

Well, no.

I love my Asian girlfriend and I know that she loves me. She is not a bargirl and I never spent any money on her. What do you say now?

I believe that romanticizing some interracial relationships and downgrading others is even worse than being against all interracial relationships.


If you do that you are nothing but a stupid racist who hides under the wings of tolerance.