Is Your Biggest First Date Mistake Not Having Sex?

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The number one mistake that women make on first dates is that they don't have sex!

I recently asked a few girls what mistakes women make when it comes to dating. I received various answers, but none of those answers got to the heart of the biggest dating mistake that women make on a first date.

My female friends thought that they might talk too much during a date. Don't worry ladies, unless you talk faster than the Road Runner can say "beep-beep," there is nothing you have to worry about. Other girls asked me if the biggest mistake is when they don't dress up properly. Don't worry, as long as your ass looks good in your jeans we men don't care if you wear your best dress or not.

None of the girls I asked gave me the answer I was looking for.

The number one mistake that women make on first dates is that they don't have sex!

The #1 Dating Mistake: No Sex

What's gotten into me? How can I say that the number one mistake girls make at the end of the first date is that they don't take of their clothes and do what they want to do?

Well, the answer is already hidden in this question.

Girls, please correct me if I'm wrong, but if you are on a date with a guy you are attracted to and enjoy getting kissed by him, you most likely feel the urge to have sex with him. Even though you try to stop your sexual desire, that's not what you really want. 

It's cute that you try to pretend that you "want to wait" and that "things go too fast," but who should believe you when you say that you don't want to have sex on the first date even though you're already wet like a lake? Nobody does believe it, and yet for some reason the majority of girls don't follow their instincts and would rather masturbate at home than enjoy a night of passion and fun.


To be honest, we men are to blame for that.

Why Girls Make The #1 Mistake

A woman's biggest fear is of being seen as a slut. Women already have this fear in their daily life. They are afraid that their skirts might be too short for work or that somebody will find out that they love to have sex. Women are conditioned by society to believe that having sexual desires is bad. This is slowly changing, but it is still an issue.

However, the biggest problem is not the society. The biggest problem is men who judge women for living out their sexuality and who call girls in short dresses sluts, while they wish that their boring girlfriend would be such a "slut."

Women are not stupid. They know that the majority of men are too insecure to deal with sexually confident women, which results in them labeling those girls as "sluts." If a woman likes a guy she doesn't want him to think that she is easy or slutty, which results in the "no sex on the first date" rule.

Well, this is the biggest mistake she can make.

Why It Is A Mistake 

If a woman feels the desire to have sex with a man but tells him that she doesn't want to have sex with him, she is lying. I am sorry, but honesty is the most important foundation for any relationship.

Not only is she dishonest, she also sabotages the relationship right from the beginning. If a man and a woman feel such a strong connection and such a strong sexual attraction for each other the best thing they can do is to act upon this feeling.

I personally had the best and the longest relationships with women with whom I had sex on the first date. By starting your relationship with sex you automatically start it with a foundation of intimacy and honesty.

How You Can Correct This Mistake 

As a woman, the best way to change the "no sex on the first date rule" to an "I do whatever the fuck I want rule" is to...do what you want! Forget the social conditioning and ignore the stupid and ignorant guys who judge you for living out your sexuality. For every guy who labels you a slut, there will be a guy who appreciates the fact that you slept with him on the first date because you wanted it. What do you think—with which of those two guys will you end up in a happy relationship?

As a man you can also change the stupid belief that sex on the first date is a mistake. The most important thing that you have to do from now on is to STOP judging women who live out their sexuality. Erase the words "slut," "whore" and "bitch" from your vocabulary and start to appreciate women who are honest with you.

A woman who is honest with a man has sex with him when she wants...not when she "should"!