3 Quick Ways To Give Valentines Day Gift Ideas To Your Man


Find out how to nudge him in the right direction

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, you may already have your table reserved for two at the fanciest Italian restaurant in town, colour-coordinated your dress to the bottle of red you plan on drinking and subscribed your man to Tiffany & Co’s emailing list (without him knowing, of course). 

There's no shame—men sometimes simply need a gentle push in the right gift-giving direction, so if you’re one more heart-shaped necklace away from creating a shrine or simply want to reset your man's gift-buying palette, this article is for you. Follow these tips to ensure you can actually show, not fake excitement, this Valentine’s Day.

Make a Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board

If you want him to get exactly what you want (or at least have some clue), send him the link to your Pinterest Valentine’s Day board. Essentially, it will serve as a roadmap for him to pick out an item that you pinned or conjure up his own ideas from it. Either way, you breathe easy that whatever he gets you will be close to your tastes.

Instill your Best Friend to Help Him

No man should ever shop for an engagement ring without the help of a girl’s one and only best friend, so put her on a mission for the V-Day present as well. Get her to offer in some ideas of things you want, styles you adore, etc, or send her out completely for a day of shopping with him. It’ll boost their bond and ensure a sweet present for you.

Encourage him to go the DIY-Route

Since presents aren’t the focal point of Valentine’s Day, it will mean even more by encouraging him to create a gift for you instead. One year, my boyfriend made me an adorable, homemade card that included a love letter inside. It’s still one of my favourite gifts! Plus, the DIY-route saves money, which gives you more incentive to splurge on wine, dinner and of course, some hot lingerie.

Happy Valentine’s Day!