Society Vs Men — Is Your Guy A Lover Or A Hater?


It's been a highly combustible year.

The notion that women are ascending while men are slipping into the depths has people in a frenzy and things look bad. But when things look bad, people in the panic room can be a lot more open to change or anything that will get them out of the mess that they’re in.

And so, this has been a great time to put the spotlight on the ascension of women. It’s well deserved, long overdue, and it's the right time. So why are so many men not embracing a change that can be very, very good for everyone?

The stats don't lie, do they?

I just finished reading two articles. One was about women entrepreneurs and the other was about the plight of young men. The gals were deemed by a study to be more intuitively systems-oriented in their thinking, better at collaboration, more steadfast when dealing with challenges, and more geared to finding solutions versus seeking credit for them. The article about men focused on how young guys had so many choices that they are confused, they have no heroes or role models, and how they have become the butt of jokes in advertising (although this is nothing new, as women are gatekeepers for much of the purchasing for products sold on television).

It's painting two very different pictures.

The result of all this has been a backlash by many men against society, and against women. Misogyny is on the rise.

You can see it with all of the mind-numbing violence in film, dispassionate sex, and mean-spirited references or in extreme cases, sexual violence towards women by young men. This is unacceptable. Although it's by no means representative of all men, these trends are no less disturbing.

Many young guys are frustrated, and those feelings are understandable.

Young men are entering a messy situation in a harsher and very different world than the cultural landscape that Beaver and Wally Cleaver faced fifty years ago. The biggest problem is that many young men are taking it out on women and that's wrong.

Is there anything that can stop these trends?

This writer believes that when you are surrounded by confusion, frustration, and stagnation, it's a perfect time for action. Let others hug the tree while the storm blows. I say, if you have the resources, facilities, and will, then you go for it.

I decided that the time was right to launch my debut novel during the most dysfunctional period the publishing industry has ever experienced. Like our economic model, their structure is teetering and on the verge of implosion. I say, a perfect time for a fresh, new, positive story. While others dig their heads deeper into the sand, The Guys' Guy's Guide to Love created waves in the marketplace and the book made a real connection with readers.

With negative-focused media, comes an unquenchable thirst for positivity. We are here to enjoy life. It’s in our makeup. That’s why we were blessed with the capacity to laugh.

So what should they do?

Guys need to look into the mirror and see their potential and all of the great things about men. We are strong, resilient, and highly intelligent. We still hold the reigns of power in the world and have a responsibility to step up and fill those shoes, lead by example, and create positive impact in society.

Hey, it’s a great time to be a guy. We excel at fantasy football, we have more beers crafted than at any time in history, and we can score dates on our phones while sitting at home in our tightie-whities. Not a bad start.

And we have all of these wonderfully talented women looking hopefully toward us and just wanting us to just show up and play the damn game. Guys, we don’t have to do everything. Just do the right thing and women will appreciate us for who we are as people, as individuals, and as men.

It's time for a new beginning. It's time to be a guy's guy.