The First Date Guidelines To Bringing A Girl Home (You're Welcome)

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Getting her to spend the night isn't so hard.

I see a lot of guys struggling with how to convert a great opening conversation with a girl into a longer interaction and finally into an invitation to come back home. An invitation that isn’t instantly rejected, that is.

Knowing how to bring girls back to your place for sex consistently is an art and a science. There are several skills and tactics involved that you should start practicing right away.

Give Her a Reason

First you need to know that most girls are very concerned about being perceived as slutty.

Unfortunately societal pressure tells them that sleeping with a guy on the first few dates is “bad,” “trashy” or just straight up tramp-like.

But know this — if your date is going well, chances are, she wants to sleep with you.

Your job is to give her a reason other than sex for her to come back to your place.

When I was 17, my photo was printed in a golf book written by Tiger Woods’ golf coach. I still have that book at my apartment. After I’ve had a few drinks with a girl on a date, I’ll say, “Hey, you have to come back to my place. I want to show you this book I was in.”

She always says yes. I know we’re going to have sex. She knows it too.

But obviously, if I had said, “Hey, want to come back to my place and fuck?” she would have said no. She has to if she wants to preserve her status as a non-slut.

It doesn’t matter what the invitation is. You could say, “Hey, come over to see my new shirt/ancient weapon collection/the new Nordstrom catalogue” and if she likes you, she’ll say yes.

Leading is Everything

I talk a lot about being able to lead a girl on a date. This basically means that you’re the one in charge, you choose where you’ll go, when you’ll go and how you’ll go.

Don’t ask her “if it’s OK.” Girls actually like it when a dude takes over and leads the date. In fact, if you can’t lead, the date will end pretty quickly.

A buddy of mine never asks girls if they want to go back. He waits until she’s feeling good, maybe she’s had a couple drinks and they’re laughing a lot. Then he just starts guiding her back in the direction of his apartment if they’re close enough to walk or to a cabstand so they can catch a ride back.

This works really well in cities like New York or Hollywood, but it’s a little trickier if you’re in Vegas and you want to take a girl back to your hotel room.

Generally, don’t ask permission, just start guiding her back to your place and if she likes you she’ll go along with it.

Point Out the Absurdity

Occasionally a girl will be like, “Oh, we’re at your house ... ” as a way of testing you.

There might be a millimeter of resistance. If that happens, I say, “Hey, don’t make me feel like a creeper because I want to keep hanging out. Do you want to keep having fun or do you want to sit on the street and flip a coin?”

If a girl has made it this far with you, she wants to keep hanging out. Point out how absurd it is that she’s actually pretending she doesn’t want to fool around.

She’ll laugh, and you take her inside.

The lesson — A girl won’t sleep with you if she feels like a whore

Give her an excuse to come home with you so she can go along with it and you can both have a great time.

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This article was originally published at www.innerconfidence.com . Reprinted with permission from the author.