Money Can't Buy Love, But It Can Hurt Your Relationships


Use these 5 simple steps to reach financial harmony in your relationship.

Money issues can upset even the sweetest romantic relationships. Statistics show that as much as 40% of those arguments are about money.  Stress around a couple's financial life reduces intimacy, strains communication, and can ultimately lead to breakups and divorce.

But it's not only possible to create a successful romantic and financial partnership, it's deeply satisfying. Here are your 5 essential elements of successfully sharing love and money. 

1. An Inspiring Wealth Vision:

A vision is the uplifting idea of a state of being that is spiritually meaningful, inviting and appealing to you and your partner. A wealth vision includes your mutual definition of what financial wealth means to you. 

A strong vision also resonates with the spiritual qualities (the infinite, eternal attributes of the divine) that you are living from when you're at your best. For a couple, it's the big idea of why you're doing what you're doing with your money.

When you have an inspiring wealth vision, you have a greater sense of meaning, passion and shared intimacy with one another. 

2. Common Financial Goals:

It's essential to have accurate, fully disclosed facts in your financial partnership. Bankruptcy, divorce and obligations from the past affect your current partnership. 

Discover a clear, common perspective about the actual flows of your income and expenses every month in your family, in your household and in your businesses. When you both are aware of the current state of your balance sheet and have a sense of your net worth, you have a mutual platform of information from which to make decisions. 

Know where you are and you're much better able to consciously choose where you'd like to be. You'll love the sense of compassion you feel when you both know your financial facts. 

3. Shared Spirituality:

Spirituality is all about our relationship with the divine, transcendent reality of life. Finding common content of spiritual perspective is as important as finding common spiritual practices.

In a couple, it's not necessary that both partners have the same cosmology, or beliefs, about the nature of life or the same religious practices or background to find shared spirituality. However, it's very useful to find where a couple does have a common viewpoint about the purpose of life and how they choose to live, to practice and to relate to life itself. 

Spiritual practice is dedicated time, energy, and attention for cultivating a sense of connection to something larger in life. When you commit to set aside time and energy for connecting to a greater sense of purpose beyond just daily financial tasks, it gives you a shared sense of how your financial choices connect to the contribution you're making to the world. 

4. Mental And Emotional Teamwork:

Those of you who are in the Money Keys community know the idea that consciousness creates experience. What we think, feel, say and do in this moment is the predictor and the creator of what we experience as life. As a couple, your beliefs are not just individualized, but you have common beliefs that create your common experience.

Beliefs evolve. As a team, develop a sense of growing together when it comes to what you choose to think and feel around your financial situation. Without the discipline to understand what your mental and emotional choices are, you will default to either replicating or rebelling against your past, family, ethnic, social and religious conditioning.

A partnership that's moving forward with excellence relies on teamwork in what you say, what you think, what you feel and what you do. Trust builds. You can each be vulnerable, heal the past and forgive. Then energy is released to choose, to affirm, to create new results in your money life. 

5. Mutual Money Agreements:

As a couple, clear agreements, roles and responsibilities in financial tasks are powerful in creating order and productivity. When you know how you're spending, saving, investing, spiritually giving, paying the bills and tracking your money, you can be much more effective in taking risks, making good decisions and being a bigger, better contributor in every area of your life. You're more available to the infinite, abundant flow of invisible ideas, supply and possibilities. 

You're givers and you're generous, and you'll find that you'll be better receivers, better stewards of the money that you do have and the money that's coming to you.

You and your partner deserve to share in financial freedom and prosperity—and it's sweeter together.