Engaged? 5 Rules For Keeping Your Friendships Intact

Engaged? 5 Rules For Keeping Your Friendships Intact [EXPERT]
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Don't take your girlfriends for granted just because you met Mr. Right!

As you transition from being single to married, your friendships will have to transition as well. This transition can be a major alteration of your relationship or a minor change. But, it is always important to keep a strong bond with your single friends, especially when planning your wedding. Here are five tips on keeping good relationships with your single friends as you plan your big day.

1. Continue to make plans with your friends without your fiancé. Unless they have become good friends with him, do not expect your pals to always want your fiancé around. To keep your friendships alive, continue to go out with your friends alone. By "go out," I mean you should enjoy the same dinners, shopping dates and movie nights you had while you were single. If the friendships are important to you, you will find the time. I Broke Up With Someone Because Our Kissing Style Wasn't Compatible

2. Include your friends in your wedding planning. Although you may not be able to get first hand wedding planning advice from your single friends, they can still offer valuable input. Ask them to describe what they liked most about other weddings. Ask them what kind of wedding they envision for you. Keep in mind, that having never planned a wedding, they are probably not going to want to talk about yours all the time. Balance is key.

3. Don't say anything about their single status that you wouldn't have wanted to hear when you were single. They will certainly be dodging your calls if they can expect to hear things like, "I'm sure you will meet someone," "He is out there" or "Your time will come." Instead, say things like, "Enjoy your freedom!" 6 Sad Excuses You Use To Avoid Online Dating

4. Be flexible on the "no plus one" rule. Some people just are not comfortable in formal social situations without a date by their side. The other friends you invite may be great, but having to be "on" for several hours can be less than enjoyable for some. At least for your closest friends, plan on being flexible about your guest policy.

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