Hypnotherapy Can Bring You Love!

How and why hypnotherapy works to bring love into your life!

Since hypnotherapy can change behavior that results in changes in one's physical world, I would like to suggest that if love is not flowing in your life, there could very well be something happening at the subconcious level that is blocking it. It's enlightening to realize that at some point along the way, usually in childhood, your subconscious mind, which is totally devoted to you, came to a conclusion. It decided that in order to help you, protect you, please you, serve you, make you feel comfortable (get the idea?), it needed to adopt a certain behavior or behaviors. You most certainly aren't aware of what these choice were, nor are you aware of how they affect your relationships. But the HAPPY NEWS is that, since your subconsicous loves you unconditionally, it will eagerly and joyfully shift gears once it knows you want it to make a different choice!

In order to ease your mind about hypnotherapy I'd like to address a few questions I am often asked that will dispel misconceptions about it:

1. You will never reveal a secret that you don't want to tell; nor will you do something foolish while under the influence of hypnotherapy. Anything you may have seen on television where people do bizzare things while in a trance will never happen to you. Period. That's stage hypnosis, and that is a totally different thing from hypnotherapy, which is a healing technique.

2. Everyone is different. You might have the sensation of being under or not - you might hear all the words spoken by the therapist or not. You might feel like you can't or won't (or didn't) really "go under." Yet hypnotherapy can be very effective, even if you feel like nothing happened. I have a client who brought her friend to a session. The friend had no intention of quitting smoking and she did not believe in hypnotherapy at all. Yet even under those circumstances, that friend gave up cigarettes! The important thing is that your subconscious mind always hears what is being said, so rest assured that you don't have to worry about it.

3.You might accomplish your goal in one session, or you might need a few. Each person is unique, and you should never judge yourself if you need more sessions for the desired results to manifest fully.

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