Valentines Day After A Breakup

Love, Self

Creating the Ideal Valentine In Yourself, For Yourself

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday celebrating love, but if you’re single or going through a break up or divorce, it can feel like just another painful reminder of your relationship status and focus you on what you don’t have. Now here is the deal, we at inTact Coaching, believe that there is a flip side to lack and that is to have. So let’s see how Valentine’s day can be a celebration of what you do have.

Here’s how: Valentine’s Day celebrates love, yes, but who says it has to be romantic partner love? This February 14th, I dare you to celebrate the love you have for yourself; the love you demonstrated by getting out of a bad relationship and by risking being single to create the space for the right man or woman to come into your life.

Celebrate self-love this Valentine’s Day by empowering yourself, practicing the art of compassion and gratitude, and learning how to access and activate the power of intention inside of you. To begin, make a list of all your good attributes. When you think you’ve gotten them all, ask your close friends and coworkers to share with you what they feel are your best qualities. If you feel shy about it, tell them your coach, being me, has given you an assignment that you are just fulfilling. Add these additions to the list, and hang it in a place where you will see it every day, like on the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator. Look at your strengths daily and feel the confidence growing inside of you.  When you focus your thoughts and begin to fully understand what you do have and celebrate them, your actions are more confident too, as you are not coming from a place of lack and scarcity.

Another idea to celebrate self-love this Valentine’s Day is to go out and do something you’ve always wanted to do. Take a class in something you’re interested in, like painting, pottery, dance or yoga. Take a road trip somewhere relaxing for the weekend and make a spa appointment. Pamper yourself, buy some gorgeous, expensive flowers – take YOU out this Valentine’s Day and treat yourself really, really well.

Here’s the deal: The art of practicing self-love is not to be mistaken with being a “self snob”. It’s about tuning into your needs and wants, and creating a life that is in alignment with your values and desires. I promise you’ll be surprised at how the right people start showing up when you have the confidence that self-love brings. And who knows, before you know it that true Valentine just might appear right at your front door… :)