A Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes Of A Dating Show (An Expert's Perspective)

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It's an honor to get to help so many people learn how to date online in better ways!

A surreal feeling came over us as we were crossing the desert on I-40 through Northern Arizona on our way to Hollywood. Here we were still days away from our appearance on Radical Dating, reading the returned Samajik connections online dating questionnaires and getting a snapshot of the client’s lives, quirks, and motivations. It all added up to us realizing that yes, this really is happening, and yes, soon we will be sharing our unique brand of Modern. Love. Alchemy. on a captivated crew of real-life singles looking for love.

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The next night as we arrived at our hotel while making final preparations for our thorough presentation on all aspects of online dating, we decided to turn on the TV to watch the election get called for Hillary. However, to our surprise and unease, there was somebody else ahead in the electoral vote with the outcome just about decided. Through the shock of what our country would become over the next four years, we persevered with our plan and made it to the set right on schedule.

Soon we were greeted by Betsy, David, Darlene, and the crew, and immediately felt settled and ready to support the amazing cast slowly filing into the room. Prior to introductions — and because of the questionnaire — we were able to identify each of the cast members. We appreciated how open they were to listening to what we said and receiving the support we were prepared to give.

From there, it was a whirlwind of lights, cameras, cuts, takes, questions, and a whole lot of information on the online dating world. One thing that really stood out and assured us that everyone was hearing the clients and creators of the show using our terminology around our AGNOSTIC Online Dating Profile Scale and our 4C’s + 1 Framework of online dating. (not sure what they mean by this?)

Day two was very hands-on. We worked with each of the clients individually on certain elements of online dating while everyone in the backyard took pictures. We were curating potential matches and (almost) messaging them with Wendy, helping Brian bring a narrative to his brief profile, and advising Scott to include something more than just his dogs on his. 

It was difficult yet extremely valuable to work with Michelle and bring awareness to the way she was portraying and limiting herself (especially her pictures) with her modern dating app. Leah really stood out to us as her profile was a crash course in tone. She was receiving some interest from a qualified prospect and acting on it — and even invited us to her house to continue working on her profile and to help her with message her prospect back.

One of the best aspects of this whole experience was sharing time with all of the amazing people that made Radical Dating a reality and invited us to be part of it. Sheryl, a coach on the show, has believed in us before we did and it was so great to finally get to meet her in person and be warmed by her loving energy. David and Darlene were supportive while we are on set and shared tons of personal and professional wisdom over a delicious Indian dinner.

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After six months of intensive RCI training and seeing how much David contributed to the world of relationship coaching, we felt even more honored to have shared this experience with them. And seeing Betsy in action was a sight to behold! She was so dynamic, supportive, and always gave us an opportunity to shine.

Almost a year later, we are excited to watch every episode of Radical Dating, and a few things have stayed with us.

The first was how surprised we were to see the way our relationship inspired and motivated the cast through their kind words and actions. This showed us how fortunate we are, both personally and professionally. In fact, nearly every one of the cast members desired a relationship where their partner was involved in their business. We were also delighted that each of them wanted to continue and did work with us (off air) to really get their profiles to a place they were proud of. 

Finally, it was truly a life-affirming experience for us, knowing we have a unique way to support people with their modern dating, by seeing it come to life in such a powerful way so early on our journey.

With much gratitude,

Samajik Connections

Dr. Samari Rios-Majka & David ‘Majik’ Rios-Majka

Written in partnership with Radical Dating. Learn more about Radical Dating, and watch Episode 5 above!