Why Anniversaries Are So Important (Plus, 6 Meaningful Ways To Celebrate)

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anniversary celebration ideas

You two have earned it.

Why do we make such a big deal out of celebrating our anniversaries?

We use these occasions to recall the times we've been through together, reflecting on how far we've come in the last year and over our amazing journey together. For instance, last week we celebrated our anniversary.

We had a big anniversary last year — forty years together! — so this was a bit of a down year for us, number-wise. But, it got us thinking, what are anniversaries for, and why do we celebrate them?

Our best guess: an anniversary is like a birthday. We need it for commemoration. 

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It's the day your couple was “born.” It acknowledges that you made it another year, and gives you a chance to reflect on what happened this year specifically.

Making it through another year together isn't just a personal victory, but a “championship” for you two, as a team.

Was this year different than other years? Was something amazing accomplished or survived in this year together?

Maybe it was an easy year, or a stressful year, or the best year ever. An anniversary is a time to stop and look and reflect — a time to look backward, and then to look forward. What have you learned, and what do you see now that you did not see before?

It's important to take time to stop and recognize this momentous occasion and celebrate the life you've created together. This is no ordinary day, so you and your partner can do something special to commemorate it. Plan it together. Don’t wait for your partner to remember it.  If one of you forgets it, don’t take it personally. Make it an opportunity to re-commit to your couple. Laughing helps sometimes, as well.

Here are 6 ways you can celebrate your anniversary together:

1. Host a get-together in honor of your anniversary.

Invite at least one other couple, maybe even 10 couples. Make things extra fun by adding a relationship theme to your gathering, if you like. For example, your theme could be "what we looked like 10 years ago," or "dress as your best couple attribute" — just be creative with it. 

Take time at the party to give a meaningful toast to your partner. Then, ask your guests to share something about their own relationship that they love, too. After all, you're all here to celebrate love!

2. Do one of your favorite things as a couple to celebrate the occasion.

This can be eating a favorite food, seeing a favorite band, or going to a place that both of you love. Doing so is a way to create new, bonding memories together, while also giving you two a chance to reminisce on past experiences together.

Remember, it doesn't have to be expensive to be meaningful!

3. Take time to relax together on your special day.

Find a moment to take a few deep breaths and say what is in your heart to your partner. Remind them of the love you share and the feelings that you have for them. Don't be shy — this is the time to wear your emotions on your sleeve.

4. Give each other a kiss — a really good kiss — on your anniversary.

Have a 15-second long kiss.... at least! A long, passionate kiss really is amazing and a great way for you to reconnect. Enjoy yourselves, and enjoy the moment. 

5. Create new "futures" together, as a way to get excited about what's to come.

Now, create two "future visions" for your next year together: one you expect to really happen, and one that would make it your best year together, ever, ever, ever. Make it up and laugh as much as you can. Have fun! After all, you've gotten through an entire year together and that's a reason to celebrate!

6. Remind your partner how much they mean to you — today, and every day.

Finally, tell your partner one thing you have been grateful for them providing this last year. (Another kiss might be good here as well.) And try to keep this practice up during your next wonderful year of life together.

Now go celebrate a great anniversary! And it doesn’t have to be a wedding anniversary, by the way. Every year, we celebrate the anniversary of our first date, too. Maybe for your relationship you want to celebrate the day you first met, or your first triathlon or first backpacking trip together.

Regardless of what anniversary you're celebrating, happy birthday to your relationship! May you and your partner have many more wonderful memories ahead.

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