The INTENSE Way To Keep Falling In Love Over And Over Again

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The INTENSE Way To Keep Falling In Love All Over Again

Hint: It's weird.

There’s been a lot of talk online about how staring into another person’s eyes for approximately 10 minutes can bring hallucinations or bad visions.

An experiment recently conducted featured groups of couples staring into one another’s eyes in a dimly lit room, and the results were surprising.

Some folks reported feeling disassociated, which can also arise when you stare at yourself in the mirror for a long time, but even more intensified.

Others reported facial distortions, the feeling of being high, or even seeing monsters. Such experiences might have participants asking, "Are vampires real?"

In all the hype about the scary things that can happen when staring into someone’s eyes for a long time were positive results, too.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and perhaps the gateway to love


Like the old adage suggests, perhaps peering deeply into a person’s eyes gives the onlooker a deeper perspective on the person. Their insides, their secrets — the stuff that doesn’t come out of their mouths.

Staring into their eyes could bring unexpected joy, like an orgasmic euphoria or the spiritual jolt one gets when being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Either way, interesting things can happen upon intentionally looking deeper into another’s eyes longer than just a cursory glance. For couples, it can mean falling in love in a deeper way than ever before. Eye staring can bring about a stronger connection wherein the duo really “sees” each other like never before.

However, staring into each other’s eyes isn’t the only foreplay or way to fall in love that that doesn't involve touching.

Talk to me, boy…


I can still remember the time a guy stayed on the phone all night with me, keeping me company until the dusk brightened to a pink dawn over the skies of St. Louis.

Of course, falling in love doesn’t mean you have to stay on the phone for hours on end. But the ability and desire to talk all night about a variety of topics could indicate a deeper connection beyond the physical.

As Dr. Phil says, relationships aren’t merely about filling up one "tank" for a person. For example, a person might be great in bed and able to fill up their wife’s "sex" tank until it’s full. However, it helps to also have her emotional tank, financial tank and other tanks filled up as well.

A wife might be great at making sure her husband gets loads of respect from her and perhaps she’s the type who takes special care at filling up his love tank and food tank, but when it comes to conversation that he desires, she’s lacking.

Whatever tanks need to be filled, it’s wonderful to try and keep a healthy balance between them all. Whether it’s eye staring and marathon phone talking that helps a couple fall in love, making sure a balance of all those juicy tanks is kept full as much as possible could help them remain in love.