Fast Online Profile Pic Rx: Attract Hotter Dates Now!

20 Tips To The Best Photo For Your Online Dating Profile

Your profile photo creates the first impression, so make it count!

We all have one and they're critical!

Profile photos are attached to our social media, mobile applications, and dating accounts. I believe 95 percent of the decision to contact or respond to someone online is based on the photo. The fast growth of new applications like Swoon and Tinder (photo based and optimized for the small screen) are forcing us even more to focus on the photo. If a picture was worth a thousand words in the 1920s, it's worth a billion words today!

As a professional matchmaker, I see hundreds of photos daily. What amazes me is how ever slight tweaks can take a photo from "terrible" to "compelling." This curiosity of what makes a photo standout is what led me to dig deep and research extensively (across 20 million people) to find out exactly what you can do to increase the number of people who interact with your profile.

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