The 5 Types Of Guys You’ll ALWAYS Meet In A Coffee Shop

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Coffee Shop

Your go-to guide for who to slip your number to.

Guys. Men. Dudes. Bros. They’re out there. Everywhere you look (unless you are in some sort of nun commune, in which case you wouldn’t be reading this anyway) there are various types of males surrounding us. We thought it was time to start looking at the types of guys we come across in everyday social situations. Some we’re SUPER into, some annoy the CRAP out of us, and some are simply, well, there.

Here's the 5 types of guys you'll almost ALWAYS see when you head to the coffee shop for your daily dose of much-needed caffeine:

1. The guy awkwardly waiting for a first date.


Let’s face it, we all know the easiest place to meet up for a first date is at a coffee shop. So if you stop in one  especially in the evening  you’re more than likely to run into one of these. Hey, if he’s hot maybe you can pretend to be what’s-her-name and get him out of there ( act fast!)

His order: Indecisive.
Dateability: TOTALLY available (make your move!)

2. The not-to-be-bothered writer.


Hunched over with his laptop open while vigorously typing away, this dude comes across as unavailable but intriguing. You’ll see more of these in LA and NYC.

His order: Refillable coffee.
Dateability: Unless you've got something good to say, I'd leave him be.

3. The studious guy prepping for (what looks to be) something REALLY important.


Most likely has his head buried in a book while occupying one of the larger, comfier chairs in the joint. And the side table. Come to think of it, he’s taking up a lot of space. Move over, buddy. I’d like to cuddle up in a comfy chair with my latte too, ya know.

His order: Espresso, on repeat.
Dateability: Medium. Depends on how good of a student he really is.

4. The hipster who has his own usual spot.


He is probably from Portland, has either a beard or handlebar mustache and is wearing a button down shirt. Perhaps also a beanie or a fedora. And he only comes to these small, locally-owned coffee shops. And cream and sugar in his coffee? FOR SHAME! Real coffee drinkers like it black. Don’t even think you’ll catch him dead in a Starbucks.

His order: It’s Complicated.
Dateability: Mixed. If you're into that sort of thing, then GO FOR IT. If not, then he probably won't acknowledge you anyway.

5. The cute (but seriously annoyed) barista.


I mean I’m not saying that I once got addicted to Grande Americanos just so I could see the cute Starbucks barista with the freckles on my morning break from work every weekday or anything … OK, yes. I'm saying that.

His order: My phone number, (please!)
Dateability: DO IT.

This article was originally published at Never Liked It Anyway. Reprinted with permission from the author.