5 Ways To Get Acquainted More With New And Old Friends

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How come some people have tons of friends, awesome luck in business and are admired by many?

It’s hard to imagine there is any magic formula for actually being liked by most people, but for many of us it does take a formula. If you are a late Gen X’er, Generation Y, or Millennial, you’ve probably never heard of Dale Carnegie, but his 1936 book "How To Win Friends and Influence People" is still one of the best guides to standing out and being noticed and appreciated by people.

The magic of this teaches us how to influence others in a positive manner, Mr. Carnegie not only taught us how to become more attractive and interesting in other’s eyes, but we also learned to appreciate the individual, and humanity in general. We become more sympathetic and empathetic to others.

What can you do today to start influencing people for the better immediately? How can you seem more attractive to the opposite sex starting today? Is there a way to make your boss notice your achievements before your next performance review?

When I have a client in my office who comes to me with any of these goals, we focus on 5 top things to begin right away.

Here are my top 5 recommendations:

1) Always say please and thank you. It may seem like something simple, but politeness and good manners will get you further than you think and people will remember your courtesy.

2) Smile. You may not believe this is that important, but studies show people who smile often and to co-workers usually are also considered more sexually attractive. A smile is a sign of peace and of being approachable. We had a saying in the 1970s "If you see someone without a smile, give him one of yours." This is because a smile will need to be reciprocated and anything can happen after two people smile at each other.

3) Never tell anyone they are wrong about something! Instead be empathetic, or sympathetic to their viewpoint. Listen for 80% of the time, talk only 20%. Nod. Say you understand their point of view and would like to share yours with them. Think of it as "show and tell" for adults. They’ve shared their opinion, now you share yours. No judgment, just share.

4) Compliment and give credit to your friends and co-workers, and the opposite sex. There is nothing more destructive to personal success and relationships as is envy! Show your respect for others by complimenting them on their contributions to your organization, or on their choice of wardrobe, or that great memo which was worded perfectly. Compliment them in front of others if you can. And always give people credit for what they did, before you mention anything you did.

5) Show your boss some admiration. Yes, we have that jerk boss we don’t like some time in our lives. But most of us will depend on our boss’ opinion at some point if not always in our careers. Want to have them remember you? Want to get credit for what you’ve done?

Pay attention to your supervisor’s strengths. There is usually a reason they are in that position. Emulate their strengths and incorporate them into a project or workstyle of your own. When you have an opportunity use all of this on your boss. Compliment him or her. Tell them how their example was a great asset to the project you just completed. Thank them for the example and share with them what you did.

Get ready to make a great impact in 2015!