Top 5 Tips for Online Dating for MEN!


Gettting your profile ready to capture the woman of your dreams!

It's not rocket science. She wants to find Mr Right, and from the forefront, you've got to impress her with one picture and one line to get her to open up your profile and get to know the "real you". So how do you do this well, and where to from there? 

Whilst looking online today and seeing ZERO talent, I've compiled a list of tips that could help your chances of landing the woman of your dreams...

  1. Choose the BEST photo of you. Not the photo of you drunk with the woman hanging over your shoulder. Find a picture that shows your best features. If in doubt, ask a friend, maybe even a female friend for her opinion on her favourite photo of you. You want to look appealing / attractive!
  2. Put some thought into your Username and Headline. Girls LOVE a man with a sense of humour and a man who can write. This is IMPORTANT! It's the only opportunity you have, along with your best photo to capture her attention over a sea of other men. Say something that with capture her attention, but also lets her get a feel for your personality!
  3. The profile is important. The amount of guys I have seen today that have 2 sentences, or riddled with spelling errors, cliches. God help me. There is only one you. What makes you unique? What are your interests? Focus on the things she might want to do with you? Not endless goings on about football and drinking beer with the boys at the pub. You are not on here to meet more of them! You are trying to meet a lady! What kind of activities would you like to do with her (aside from the obvious ha!). Try and get your spelling correct, or write it first in Word and spellcheck before copying in. 
  4. Use great secondary photos, showcasing you happy, doing what you enjoy. Make sure they are recent, and flattering!
  5. Make the first contact. A woman loves a man who reaches out first. And DON'T ever ask her to pay to email you. Epic fail! Trust me, if you like her, spend the dosh. It's a crucial first move that says a LOT about you! All the best!!