Top 3 Tips To Keep The Romance Alive In Your Relationship

Top 3 Tips To Keep The Romance Alive In Your Relationship
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It's time to light that fire and get the heat going again.

Romance isn't practiced by everyone, this is a fact, but we all want it secretly don't we? Maybe it's because we don't actually know how to be a hopeless romantic. For so many years, sex has been waved off as hush-hush and therefore romance wasn't something people talked about openly. Nowadays everything goes and for the better if I might add, you can get the needed help you and your spouse deserve. Romance is the key to a healthy sex life (not the act itself) 99 percent of the time.

So how do you bring the sexy back?


  • Start by making your other half a cup of coffee if possible, even breakfast if you know how.
  • If you show willingness and kindness, it will be given back to you.
  • Foreplay is the key to being more romantic and what better way to express it than by hugging and kissing (not just when you want to have sex). Pick a day and try to have as much physical contact as possible. This will lead to a deeper connection between two people (holding hands, touching your better half's face, massaging and even playing and tickling each other).
  • Plan a getaway. It doesn't have to be expensive, it can be something like camping out, as long as both of you enjoy it.
  • Listen to your partner; really hear what they want to share with you even if it sounds stupid. They want to share a thought with you, not just your reflection.
  • Never leave your bed to go to work and not tell your loved one how much they mean to you.

You need to keep your partner captivated

Take your relationship to the next level and transform the bedroom into a comfortable place which captures the right mood. This means choose a soft color for your bedding and lights (or candles) that accompany the mood you want to create. Romance is the hardest thing to maintain not because of what it requires, but because it sometimes just doesn't fall into place. Thankfully, there are ways to rekindle romance in one's bedroom. Be hygienic and shave more often, especially that day. Take a bath but invite your spouse to join you. Brush your teeth as bad breath may kill the mood instantly. Make use of body lotions and oils (smell nice in order to show how much you care about what the other person thinks of you). It is a simple method which will do the trick almost every time.

In general...

— Women: You have to change your ways and moves every time you are intimate with your partner (be the romantic you know you are) to keep things interesting. Keep their attention by flirting with them constantly, it boosts their self-esteem and you will be the one picking the fruit afterwards. Dress according to what your man likes in order to turn him on. Let him believe he is in control, even though we as women know better. Men tend to like role-play in the bedroom, make the effort to ask him who he wants you to be for that moment, it is fun and it might just happen that you like it even more.

— Men: Women are more complicated and you would have to start a few days before the time (foreplay as we call it). Sex should never be used as a weapon, but women are doing it all too often in order to get what they want the way they want it. Buying her flowers means you still notice her, even if it isn't expensive she will appreciate the thought. Decorating the bed with rose petals will make her feel special and appreciated. When you speak, do it in a sexy, wanting tone. Make her believe she is the only person alive worthy of your time. Hug her while kissing her softly to reassure her of the love you feel for her. Respect her on every level and treat her like gold. Thank her for what she has done for you even if it is small.

Undress each other while keeping eye contact, start with soft kisses followed by a more advanced and intense kiss to indicate how much you want each other. Tell him what you like and where he should touch you and he will work to accomplish just that. When two bodies reach climax, it builds a stronger bond, we all know that, so take the time to hold and re-think everything that just happened before falling asleep. Being romantic and being physical is two different things. Remember to cherish your loved one everyday not just when you need something.

Learn more about bringing the romance back to the relationship. Being romantic with your partner just takes effort, but the romance will pay off in the end.