7 Taylor Swift Songs To Kick Your Boyfriend To The Curb

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7 Taylor Swift song that will help you ditch the latest beau.

'We Are Never Getting Back Together'

These are the words of Taylor Swift from her infectious number one ditty of the same name. They also happen to be words I’ve wanted clients to say to their exes or boyfriends on more than one occasion. But we forgive or we (pretend to) forget and we want them back. For now, I’ll refrain from my safety statement that will teach people how to treat you since it does not seem to be getting through.
You know who does seem to get through to people though? That Taylor Swift gal. And why not. She’s nice. She dresses well. She can charm the top off a #DietCoke bottle. And her songs are just infectious. You know what? That’s it! I’ll channel my inner T-Swizzle and create a mini playlist. It will explore all of the good reasons for people to never ever get back together again with someone that isn't worth their time and energy.
1. Blank Space: Your ex has a blank space and they’ll write your name if you let them. Have you ever had a friend that wanted their ex back so bad they’d do anything? Than you know, like I do, that it’s never a good thing when one half of the couple is looking to reconnect and the other can set the terms and collect the rewards.
2. Story of Us: If the story of you and your ex looks a lot like a tragedy now, what would possess you to want to get back together with them? You had the fights. There were too many moments of awkward silence. You broke-up on bad terms. That is no story book ending and this isn’t ’17 Again’.
3. Shake It Off: Simply put, getting back with an ex does nothing to help you shake it off. Moving on is important, vital in fact. Whether it’s a night of dancing and a morning of cleansing or putting that dating profile back online, there’s a lot to be said about creating new memories. On again, off again with the ex or even a pursuit for a do-over won’t get you there.
4. Mean: Why you gotta be so mean? Were those words uttered or even thought of when you were with your ex? And getting back together with a mean person makes sense to you? Here I will go back to the idea that you teach people how to treat you. And getting back together with someone that treated you poorly is teaching them that such treatment was okay. And you know it wasn’t.
5. I Knew You Were Trouble: I hear it a lot. Clients telling me that they knew their ex was bad news, trouble, questionable, yada yada. And yet those same clients want to get back together with them. Enough said here.
6. Bad Blood: Pick a lyric, any lyric from this number one song. 'Band-aids don't fix bullet holes. You say sorry just for show.' 'Now we got problems. And I don't think we can solve them.' Need I go on? If any of this sounds familiar, why oh why would you want that same familiar face back? Speaking of...
7. Back to December: So you constantly harken back to the good times you had with someone and becomes an emotional crutch and constant rationale for getting back together. Stop clinging to the past and thinking about a relationship where you'll be able to both savor the present and look forward to the future. 
In summary: If you knew they were trouble and they were mean to top it off, than the story of you two could not have been pretty. Shake it off, move on, and leave a blank space for someone else that belongs with you. And make sure it's not someone that you have unsolvable bad blood with, okay? Going back to December prevents that next December with someone you'll actually be able to enjoy the holidays with. You’ll write a new love story that makes all of your wildest dreams come true.