More Companionship In Your Marriage Equals More Happiness


I now pronounce you ... best friends.

Friendship plays an important role in any marriage. When you like the one you love, you can enjoy both romance and companionship.

As time goes by, it’s easy to fall into a routine where family responsibilities overshadow your personal connection. Paying more attention to each other can be the first step to sustaining love and trust. See how being friends with your spouse can help you to lead a richer life.

Benefits of Developing Companionship in Your Marriage

1. Deepen your happiness

Your blessings multiply when you share them with a partner you care about. Ordinary activities take on more meaning, creating memories that you can savor together.

2. Feeling validated

Friends accept each other and help us feel like we matter. You gain confidence knowing that you have your spouse on your side. You build a safe place where you can talk about sensitive subjects and deal with intense emotions.

3. Strengthen your marriage

Your marriage may be the most important and enduring relationship in your life. Keep it alive and growing.

4. Enjoy your golden years

Companionship may take on even greater value later in life. Studies show that marriage and friendship can help seniors live longer and avoid health issues caused by the stress of isolation.

How to Encourage Companionship in Your Marriage

1. Spend time together

Take pleasure in being together. Stay in touch even when you’re working long hours or feeling under the weather.

2. Participate in activities you both enjoy

Watching TV together can be relaxing, but more challenging pastimes enable you to grow together. Sign up for ballroom dance classes or scuba lessons. Collaborate on a hobby like refinishing furniture or playing chamber music.

Make any evening special by preparing dinner together or taking a long walk.

3. Branch out

Be open to trying out new interests that your partner is passionate about. You may discover that golf or rose gardening can be fun.

4. Plan outings

A change of scenery can help you see your partner in a new light. Check into a nearby resort for the weekend or plan a camping expedition.

5. Hire a babysitter

Be prepared for the impact that parenting will have on your relationship. In between diapers and driving lessons, manage your time so you can steal away some private moments.

Being friends can also help you to negotiate and present a united front on issues like bedtimes and discipline.

6. Forgive each other

Manage conflicts before they interfere with your friendship. Focus on the good qualities you see in your spouse and let go of resentments that could pull you apart.

7. Practice kindness

Friendship blossoms when we treat each other with empathy and generosity. Express your love and affection with gentle words and thoughtful gestures. Surprise your spouse by vacuuming the living room when it’s their turn.

8. Double date

At the same time, investing in other relationships reduces the risk of putting too much pressure on your spouse to attend to all your needs. Hanging out with other couples can be especially valuable. You may pick up ideas that you’ll want to take home.

9. Find your own balance

Of course, we’re all individuals with our own unique recipe for a happy marriage. Carve out adequate time for yourself, and respect your partner’s boundaries. The more you understand and accept each other, the easier it will be to live in harmony.

Be a good friend to your partner. Work at your relationship instead of taking it for granted. You’ll be rewarded with more love and a closer connection.

Moira Hutchison is a Mindfulness Coach, Energy Healer and Hypnotherapist at Wellness With Moira. Contact her for information about how coaching can get you motivated and unstuck in your life. Grab Step One of The Letting Go Process here.