The Rule of Three: For Those Life Situations That Never Quite Work

Rule of 3: For Those Life Situations That Never Quite Work
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The Rule of Three can save you time, grief, and heartache. Try it!

There's a tiny little rule that can save you a HUGE amount of grief. 

If you're a persistent person who doesn't give up easily, you may need this rule more than ever!

I call it the Rule of Three: 

In any situation that's not going well - a friendship, a love relationship, a social or work situation - you give that situation THREE chances: 

   * Three chances to be pleasant and positive for you. 

   * Three chances to not send you home upset, demoralized, embarrassed, frustrated, or angry. 

You've already heard the warning bells that something doesn't feel right.

You're already thinking about what might be wrong. You're even examining whether the problem is you. You're making efforts already to improve the situation. 

But by the third time of troubles... 

It's time to withdraw. 

It's time to remove this situation from your life - at least for now. 

Maybe it's a friendship. Maybe it's a group you're involved in. Maybe it's a man you're seeing. 

Whatever it is - even if the problem is on your end - maybe you're just not READY to be in this situation! 

The Rule of Three is not universal. For example, if you have your heart set on being an actress, you must be willing to push WAY past a mere three rejections! For any worthy personal goal, you need persistence and fortitude! 

The Rule of Three is for... that regular group meeting you attend that just never feels right. It's for that friendship that sends you home from a casual lunch trying to figure out what just happened.

The Rule of Three is for situations that make you feel less than good about YOU. In taking a step back from the situation, you ultimately gain perspective. You show yourself how much you value your time and happiness.

It took me a long time to come up with The Rule of Three. And it's not always easy to put into practice. 

But when you follow this rule, your life becomes easier.  You breathe that sigh of relief. You don't beat your head against the wall in situations that simply aren't working.

You don't worry about who approves of you, or why. You spend your time on what makes you happy - not on what someone else thinks! 

We all know people go from crisis to crisis. You may wake up one day and say, "MY life has become one crisis after another! When did this happen?"

But there comes a time when you finally say, "No more. Life is too short to be stressed out all the time." 

Being relaxed and comfortable in your own mind is the greatest gift you can give yourself. 

So try out the Rule of Three for yourself sometime. You may be surprised how well it works!