5 Things Guys Think Make Them Attractive That Turn Women All The Way Off

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5 Things Guys Do To Attract Women That Actually Turn Them ALL The Way Off

Volume up, guys!

Relationship advice for men who want to know how to get girls to like them is often full of run-of-the-mill over-generalizations. Articles may talk about communication, listening skills, and how to be better in bed (one-word summary: clitoris), but what most of them fail to do is explain to men the specific reasons women don't find them attractive.

In truth, there may be as many reasons for your failure with women as there are stars in the sky. Women aren't always overly complicated, but just like men, they often do know exactly what they want — and what they don't.

So when you turn out to be the latter, they're not afraid to keep moving on ahead.

Men sometimes see women's reasons for leaving as irrational — a girl once broke up with me because I wouldn't watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy with her — but their reasons make sense to them, and since they're the ones doing the leaving, that's really all that matters.

Here are just 5 specific things guys do that they think women will find attractive that actually have the opposite effect and turn them ALL the way off:

1. Not wearing a seatbelt. 

Really, if you're not wearing a seatbelt you're not only unattractive to women, you're also an idiot.

Failure to wear a seatbelt shows that you are reckless and unconcerned for your own safety. Women don't like that. It makes them assume that you'll also be reckless with their heart.

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2. Not offering to pay for dinner.

This can be filed under "Tricky Relationship Advice for Men."

The reason I say this is because there some women who get offended by a man who assumes he will pay for the meal, but you still need to offer. Not even offering to pay gives a woman the impression that you're really not all that interested in her.

3. Being too goofy.

Women love goofy. They really do. But, too much goofiness — particularly in the form of self-deprecation — comes across as though you're lacking self-confidence.

This turns women off like a switch. I'm not saying you can't make fun of yourself, but make sure to keep the balance in check by giving yourself some props as well.

4. Dressing too nicely. 

On a date, you do want to dress to impress. Hole-filled t-shirts and jeans down to your knees will pretty much guarantee you'll be going home alone. But dressing in a three piece suit complete with cufflinks makes it seem like you're trying too hard.

Try splitting the difference. Keep the Armani in the closet for and go with J. Crew instead.

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5. Throwing your money around. 

Like dressing too nicely, throwing your money around projects a hint of desperation, and once women get a whiff they're not likely to bite.

Many women do like to receive gifts and be doted upon, but there can be too much of a good thing. This is particularly true if you're either on a first date or not actually dating a Kardashian.

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