3 Warning Signs You're Nothing More Than A Hookup To Him

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Warning Signs He's Only Using You For The Sex
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Listen to his actions, not his words.

When it comes to dating, there are obviously various reasons people have for wanting to meet someone. While some are having the romantic idea of searching for the 'right' partner, others are taking dating as a way to learn to get to know new people.

It can also be seen as a growth of your personality — in the encounter with someone else, you are actually meeting yourself.

You are a sexual being, and in the same way, some men would see the relationship with you as a doorway to sex. The same goes for a lot of women. In fact, if you think he's only using you for the sex, you have to be honest and ask yourself: "Is there really something more I would like to have out from this relationship?"

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There is nothing wrong with being in a relationship just for the sake of having sex. The problem exists if you perceive the relationship as something else, as something more. 

If you are truly honest with yourself, you might find that the emotionally unavailable men that you attract into your life are just a mirror of your inside. We all have emotional stuff to heal in order to create healthy nourishing relationships.

If you are not ready to open up for a committed relationship, you will attract similar and like-minded men. Therefore it's important to learn about your subconscious blocks to love, being loved, adored and cherished.

In fact, it's an art and skill to be able to surrender to the feeling of embracing the feminine that is capable of attracting and keeping the man that your heart desires.

In order to help you on the way to identify the signs that you have an emotionally unavailable partner who is just looking for sex, look out for this behavior that is all related to how much time he actually is willing to invest in you:

1. He calls you late in the evening to meet up with you.

Since you are searching for love and he is on your radar, you are saying "yes" and end up having sex with him.

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2. He doesn't care about calling or being in communication with you.

Best case scenario, he's calling to invite you for dinner, but it always ends up with him wanting to have sex with you.

3. He doesn't want to stay the night.

He has excuses that he needs to get up early. He doesn't even care enough to have breakfast with you. 

These scenarios are all expressions that you are out of our own power.

That is, if you are not in this relationship just for the fun of having sex with him. If you think there is something more, he will not realize it until you stop the destructive behavior reacting to his mood. 

The solution is to learn to see the difference between love and addiction. There is a difference to be able to say to with clarity "I love you, but it's time to release you and let you go since I don't get my desires being met" or saying "I love you, therefore I need you."

Don't belong to the latter clingy girlfriend category. He might not even see you as a girlfriend. So have clarity of your desires with a man and start to learn how to articulate those desires.

You might be surprised at what might happen as a result.

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