The Number One Relationship Obstacle All Couples Face

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The Number One Relationship Obstacles All Couples Face
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You can overcome it.

The most important issue to handle in relationships is knowing how to communicate. In fact, many women and men don't think about how they communicate. As a result, they find themselves ending up in fights and conflicting arguments. 

For natural reasons, in partnerships, we usually attract someone who is the total opposite of ourselves. It means having different values, different opinions...yes, it might even be different attitudes to life and how to be in bed.

Not surprisingly, then, couples end up in arguments in their daily lives. Arguments that can be energy-draining and time-consuming. If you have these situations, I would actually say, "Congratulations!"


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Communication in relationships is a great sign that there is a willingness to understand each other. 

Being able to handle conflict is actually a very great skill to have. It's not all people that are great in communication ... and you might even find that you are someone who prefers to avoid conflicts. It's like you are having the feeling that being in conflict is something bad. Let me tell you that it's the total opposite way.

Being able to have constructive conflict is your way to understand each other in a better way.

You see, the reason why you might find conflict in situations is that there is a difference between you and your partner — a difference in your personalities. What you need to learn is finding a way to accept these difference.

After all, it was probably the differences between you that got you caught up with each other. When you can meet your partners' opinion, thoughts, and behavior for what it is, in a non-judgemental way, you can create a turn on from the situation itself. 

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Being frustrated, irritated, and annoyed at your partner can actually be seen as toxic sexual energy. 

Maybe you are not getting the attention you desire? Maybe he is focused on other things instead of being available to you?

Find out what it is underneath your frustration and be clear about what you truly desire. 

Therefore, the most constructive you can do as a couple is to find a way on how you can improve and deepen the communication between you.

Learning how to fight and have an argument in a respectful way might even be a way to a better sex life. Who knows? Maybe the reason why you like to fight is that the drama turns you on?

See how you can find ways how to transform conflicting arguments into the underlying turn-on and heat that exists between you. 

When you learn how to communicate, your true desires in a clear and constructive way, then you have learned the base for how to overcome relationship obstacles. 

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