Twas The Night Before Christmas: Divorce Stylie!

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Enjoy this fun and playful rendition of The Night Before Christmas for those going through divorce.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through their divorcing heads,
All the creatures were stirring like creepy rats lurking in the back shed.

Their children were elsewhere snug in their beds,
While alone they lay waiting with all kinds of dread.

They tossed and they turned, they got up five times to pee.
Took a trip to the liquor cabinet and let out a big cry at the tree.

These heartbroken folks grieving the crisis in a relationship once based in love,
Lie awake awaiting the sign of some peaceful dove.

When they settled back down, relaxed from self-medication,
Their brains seemed to calm and they were relieved (if only temporarily) from the persistent concerns and frustrations.

Their breath seemed to deepen as a magical mist
Crept down through the chimney and onto their cheeks like a kiss.

Suddenly their life seemed not quite so full of doom
And they looked around to see themselves not confined by their room.

The room like a box had expanded beyond
so that walls were nonexistent as if waved away by a wand.

They found a small voice deep in their heart
That resounded quite loudly, "Don't get lost in the dark."

"Have courage and humility, fortitude and grace.
I promise by Spring your affairs will have all changed their place."

The grieving adults perked up and found deep in the calm
That there was a space for hope in their life as they planned their move-on.

The magic of the season, we can surmise
Can help those contemplating divorcing to RISE!

When we fight and we push and demand things of life,
It's no wonder we are brought all kinds of strife.

But allowing ourselves the calm of a moment's reprieve
Can assist in the turning of tides that have caused us to bleed.

In an instant we can learn to release expectations
That cause a sensation of drowning in all of our relations.

We can climb to the surface, breathe air pure and true—
Being born into a freedom of choices never we knew.

So with Ma in her kerchief asleep on the couch and
Dad hunkered down in the old bedroom, "OUCH!"

Whether mother or father, husband, wife or partners—
Contact the Mother Rising to establish a safe harbor!

Honor yourself. Celebrate your strength. Empower your transformation.

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This article was originally published at The Mother Rising . Reprinted with permission from the author.