The Key To Bethenny Frankel's Divorce

Bethenny Frankel
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The decision to divorce is always painful — even for celebrities like former Real Housewife, Bethenny Frankel and her husband, Jason Hoppy who must contend with media scrutiny while negotiating their separation.

No one wants intimate details of their breakup being blasted around town. Yet, it is virtually impossible, and not a particularly healthy strategy, to keep everything to yourself. Divorce is isolating enough without a self-imposed exile.

What Bethenny Frankel should do now is create her personal support team: her three or four closest friends in whom she can confide. They are the ones she'll turn to when she's pushed to her limit. Instead of shooting off a quick, acerbic email or voicemail to Jason that could be used as ammunition against her, Bethenny can call one of her personal team members to vent.

Your personal support team has your back. They are the people with whom you can share deeply personal information and rest assured that it won't be shared with your soon-to-be-ex or used against you in any way.

Bethenny will undoubtedly have plenty of professional advisers, but she will still face difficult decisions about the division of assets and the sharing of parenting time. She can use her personal support team to give her honest opinions without judgment. With their help, she'll be able to determine exactly what is in her best interest and the best interest of Bryn, her 2-year-old daughter. Keep reading ...

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