The Real Secret To Lasting Love In Relationships


Only you hold the key to unlock happiness in a long-term relationship.

You have probably read many articles or blogs stating they have the "secret" or "key" to something. In fact, you may have heard this so many times you no longer take it seriously. And all too often the "secret" failed to produce the promised result. Yet, I invite you to open your mind and heart just for now and take in what I am about to share. I believe it could transform your life!

What if you already had access to all the love you could ever need or want? How would change your relationships? It would allow you to be able to fully accept others as they are and be with them in a spacious and loving way, no matter what came up. There would be a carefree attitude because you know you have nothing to lose. It would be wonderful to share the infinite love you have with a close partner but love would not be lost if they go away.

I believe the secret I am offering is the most valuable and most profound discovery you could ever make. It has been known throughout history by a few and it is now finally coming to be known by many. The time is right in human evolution for this. The secret is simply your very own true nature, the essence of your heart. All other "secrets" to lasting love that involves behavior changes are superficial and offer only temporary solutions. That is why I called this the "real" secret to lasting love — because it is!

You are more than your thoughts and feelings. Everyone I have ever asked, "Are you your thoughts?" or, "Are you your feelings?" has immediately said, "No." We all know there is more to us than our thoughts, feelings and our body. We may not know what that is but we can sense there is something more to us.

We can begin to discover the secret by asking, "What is always here?" It is easy to see that thoughts, feelings and sensations are always coming and going. None of them are permanent. Have you ever had a thought, feeling or sensation that never went away? No.

There is a constant parade of moving phenomena we take to be our only reality. But what is aware of this parade? Isn't there also something that is aware of it all? Does this awareness come and go? Take a look in your own experience ... Does it come and go? And, could you get rid of it if you tried? We can get rid of thoughts and feelings but we cannot get rid of the awareness behind them all. Please explore this in your own experience.

So what does this awareness have to do with lasting love? The more this awareness is attended to, the more we recognize and emphasize it, the more we come to see that it is not only empty, it is also full — it is full of unending love, wisdom, great joy, and infinite peace. Yes, all that within the ordinary awareness which we ignore most of the time. This awareness, which is love, is the secret to lasting love. Once we know this, we have access to love at all times. Relying on this most true love within will naturally harmonize all relationships.

It is possible to have direct, ongoing experience with the true presence of love and live as that in relationship. We must turn to this within for all of the love and comfort we seek in relationship. We can discover we are the love we seek in relationship. Once this is known, we are free to share love fully and freely in an open, undefended way.

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