How to Make Your Relationship Fantasy Come True

Love, Self

We all fantasize about our perfect soul mate. Learn how to find the one. Do you really want him/her?

What is the best use of your money?

Is it a membership to a gym that you'll only use a quarter of your time?

Is it buying fresh, local, and organic?

Is it investing in gold?

Or is it investing in your relationship skills?

Most of us come from dysfunction. What this means is that no one comes from the perfect family. If we were perfect, chances are we're not human or we're not from earth.

This is where a coach, rather than a therapist comes into play.

And hiring a coach that is heavy on challenging you to learn new rewire your brain.

A coach that helps you turn a dream into a clear-cut, time-framed goal. And then encourages you to go for it--and do something every single day you contract with them to create lasting change in your life.

If you hone your relationship skills--it will affect all areas of your life. From those with colleagues, neighbors, family, friends...most importantly....your life partner, and kids if they enter in the picture.

Too many people can't keep it together--meaning family life. We're turning out narcissists at an alarming rate. Learning social emotional and gender intelligence skill sets stops this pattern.

Did I mention when you do achieve your goals--and place most of your attention and focus on achieving your best version of's fun. Exciting. And, an amazing rush. You can't help attracting others with the same enthusiasm and joie de vivre into your life.