Why Showing This ONE Thing Is The Sexiest Thing You Can Do

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Why Showing Interest is The Sexiest Thing You Can Do

Trust us.

For those of you still playing the dating game, here’s a fun and revealing exercise to try.

Think of the last 5 encounters you’ve had with someone of your sexual preference (first dates, first encounters of any kind, etc.). Now, write the names of these people down on a piece of paper. The ultimate goal is to write down the 5 people who have most recently had the chance to meet…well, you.

Next, beside each person’s name, write down 4-5 adjectives that you think this person would use to describe you.

Telling, isn’t it?

As a matchmaker, I find the post-date/post-encounter intriguing to ponder. I’ve noticed some distressful trends over the past few months upon reading through post-date summaries.

For example, of both sexes, an extremely large number of individuals recorded that they have been actively giving off the impression that they are not at all intrigued by their date.

How pitiful is that? Two individuals take the time and make the effort to meet up and go through the painstaking effort of putting their best foot forward in the way of looks and general first impressions.

Then they go to investigate a probability for a lasting relationship with another individual who's given the go ahead to the meeting and after that … they brush it by emitting the "I truly couldn't care less" vibe. Of course, they care! Otherwise, they wouldn't say "Yes" to the date, correct?

One of the biggest dating mistakes is pretending we are not interested in the other person. We seem to do this to avoid appearing overly enthusiastic or because we are too embarrassed to feel like we could be more into the relationship than the other person (that fear of rejection runs rampant on the first date, right?).

There is, of course, the noble reason of not wanting to seem too interested before we’re sure there is a romantic attraction (don’t want to be labeled the "tease", right?). In all of the instances though, we’re making a major error.

Whether you sense that this individual you're having a date with is "The One" for you or not, convey your genuine interest and consideration regarding the present minute with this individual before you.

We need to work on keeping ourselves present and available. Doing as such makes you all that all the more fascinating. Plus, it’s reassuring to the other person so they don't feel like you’re not actively keeping your options open before you’ve even given them a chance!

We all know on some level that the people we socialize with need attention. Yet, we can’t seem to make ourselves take that uncomfortable step of being honest and being openly interested. But I urge you to take the plunge and reap the benefits because there will be many!

Whether or not you have decided you don’t want to see the person again, make an effort to pay attention and show interest. Regardless of whether or not this person is "right" for you, they are still a person who deserves the respect of your time and temporary interest.

Plus, it’s the safer bet in case you end up truly liking the person later. Not everybody makes a good first impression. Nerves get in the way or perhaps, even an uncomfortable first meeting situation. Everyone deserves an honest couple of hours to make a better impression on you.

Life would be way too much pressure if everyone wrote everyone else off based on a first glance.

A vital aspect of dating is making sure to always be looking for what is suitable to you about a person instead of checking off everything that you’ve already deemed is "wrong" about them.

When you find yourself desiring to pull away from someone right away, resist that tempting urge. Try your best to find the qualities and traits in this individual that genuinely merit your consideration. I mean you decided you wanted to go out with them in the first place, right? Why not give them the time to relax and put their best self forward?

In dating, there are a plethora of opportunities for self-improvement. Strive to perfect the art of communicating, connecting, opening up your heart and mind, and giving your undivided attention (even if it is just for an hour or two over dinner).

Above all else, you should be doing your best to ensure that you are a good date regardless of how the other person behaves or works out for you in the end.

Who knows, maybe even if the person isn’t going to work out as a romantic partner, maybe you’ll discover a lifelong friend or even a potential business partner. Life can be funny that way.

Just remember, dating is a game. Play it to the best of your abilities.