Why You're Still Single, According To Matchmakers Who Do This For A Living

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What You Can LEARN From a Matchmaker
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Here's what matchmakers think.

Matchmakers are great at being able to pinpoint dating habits, the way you present yourself, and how you interact with others. Many times when engaging in a bad habit, we don't even notice. The ability for someone to see this and point it out is priceless. 

All of these aspects can affect the way people perceive you, especially people you are romantically interested in. A matchmaker is a great mediator between you and your dating experiences. 

Read below for more great things that matchmakers can teach you about how to get better at dating and how to find love:

1. You're sending the wrong message.

Do not say or do one thing and mean another. It can send the wrong message about who you are and what you’re looking for. Take some time to figure out what you’re actually telling the people you’re meeting.

If you’re being treated like a party girl/boy, for instance, that’s the message you’re sending out. If you want someone who is actively looking for love, that’s the message you should be communicating.

2. You're making all the effort, even when he shows no interest.

How many of us have seen that rom-com movie, "He’s Just Not That Into You"?

The hapless girl keeps trying to attract the guy of her dreams, but he just wasn’t interested. Girls, it’s true. If he’s "not that into you", he won’t take the time or trouble to call, text, send smoke signals or a message via carrier pigeon that he’s thinking of you. 

If you're making all the effort, it’s time to stop. Heal your emotional wounds and move on!

3. You don't allow yourself to be vulnerable.

If you’re going out on dates and holding just a little part of yourself back, your date will pick up on that. Even if you’re doing so to protect yourself from getting hurt, you’re just holding yourself back from finding true love. 

You say you want love, but you’re closing yourself off from the possibility.

4. You don't appear confident.

That old saying about only having one chance to make a good first impression is true, especially in the world of dating.

You could be wearing a killer dress with the most beautiful hairdo, but if you walk into a restaurant with your head down and your body language saying, "Don’t look at me! I’m invisible!", your date won’t be impressed.

When you see him enter the room, you should be able to develop your first impression of him based on how he carries himself. Even if he’s not the best-looking man in the room, if you feel his confidence, you’ll be attracted to who he is on a deeper level. 

5. You're pretending to be someone else.

Even when you become one-half of a couple, it doesn’t mean you’re supposed to give up your identity, beliefs, dreams, or values. Don’t allow "you" to be erased so that you and your beliefs and values are invisible. Hold onto you!

6. You don't know yourself.

If you have not been successful in meeting the man of your dreams, you may need to take some time just for yourself. Withdraw from the dating scene for a while. Try something new, sign up for a class, and spend time with your girlfriends

It’s good to get to know you again every once in awhile; alone time is a great way to do this. Once you re-enter the dating scene and meet some new men, you’ll probably be pretty surprised at the results.

If you’re struggling in the dating scene maybe it's time to talk to a matchmaker! A matchmaker is a great tool to use to become a pro in navigating the dating scene, and ultimately to find love