On Ronda Rousey And Dating: How Can Dominant Women Find Their Match?

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ronda rousey

When you're this badass, men can find you a wee bit intimidating.

I love and admire Rowdy Ronda Rousey for several reasons.

It's unnecessary to go into her undefeated and impressively quick wins to explain why this lady is so awesome. Not only is she a complete badass, but her sheer determination and commitment to her profession is no less than simply amazing. 

Oh ... and she looks like a Victoria Secret model with muscles, while also being a great role model to young girls. And talk about an upbeat attitude, often times you see her encouraging and joking with her fans.  

With all these great things going for her, she's often questioned about why she doesn't have a boyfriend.

She's the full package, so why is she still single?

Dating is often a dilemma for strong. self-reliant women. They're so independent that they're often times more alpha than the men they might be interested in. This can put a crimp in their dating lives. 

Miss Rousey, like many women, works in a male-dominated industry where the testosterone heavy atmosphere makes it difficult to feel feminine. They essentially act and feel like a man traditionally has. 

But gender roles of the past are no more. A new definition dominates the modern day.

Modern men have emotional intelligence and a willingness to talk about feelings. These were once characteristics thought of as female. And women are less dependent on men financially, and in so many ways than they once were. It's been a long time since men were expected to be the sole people in a relationship who can fix things around the house. Same goes for women being the ones that have to cook the meals.

As gender roles change, so do the characteristics you find attractive in a potential love connection.

Men are now attracted and impressed by independent women, but that doesn't mean they still often long for that emotional safety net a woman once provided.

Similarly women often complain that "real men" no longer exist and chivalry is dead. Think about Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Safety and security are some of our most basic primal needs and this is what women seek in men — to feel comforted and revel in a sense of protection and care.

What if you're as powerful a woman as Ronda Rousey?

At the end of the day, Ronda, like every other strong, independent woman, could use a partner of equal caliber, that'll complement, pursue, court and take care of her needs. Women still want a gentleman who can take care of her — if needed.

A disconnect exists between modern gender role identities and traditional expectations.

Even though change is all around us, our basic needs remain the same.

The more things change, the more they still stay the same.

Women like Ronda Rousey are great examples of how a woman can balance femininity while dominating in her masculine industry. If you're a man who would like to make a good impression on the lady he fancies, don't over think it.

Just offer your hand to assist her upon exiting the car. And she might do the same for you next time she's the one driving.

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