Effective Ways To Suggest Smaller Condoms To Your Man

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Offering several suggestions to make easier what can be a challenging conversation for some people.

More men require smaller condoms than what is commonly perceived, and having that conversation about condom fit does not need to be awkward if you use effective communication.

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Dear Lucky Bloke,

My boyfriend and I have tried using condoms, but none of them seem to work for us. I think the ones we’ve tried are too large for him because they bunch up and fall off easily during sex. It’s a huge mood killer. I love him very much, but I don’t know how to tell him that we should try smaller condoms. I also can’t find any smaller sizes on store shelves. Please help! - Signed, Desperate in Dallas.

You are absolutely right! Condoms that feel baggy and slip off are signs that the condom is too big and he needs to try tighter fitting styles.

This is actually more common than many realize. According to our Global Condom Review, 35% of men require smaller fit condoms. But we live in a culture that happens to believe bigger is better. This myth has real effects on men’s well-being and body image. It is also why most companies do not market their condoms as “small”, making it difficult to find more tailored fits at your local drugstore.

However, there are options out there for premium, high quality tailored condoms. And we will break those down for you here.

If you aren’t sure what size he requires, consult this condom size chart for help.

In general, our advice is to be sensitive when talking to your man about switching to smaller condoms. He may be defensive at first. But with these tactics, you can introduce smaller condoms smoothly and easefully into bed.

Tips To Introducing Smaller Condoms

1. It’s important to be prepared for feelings of inadequacy and defensiveness. Reassure your partner that there is nothing wrong with him. Stroke his ego a bit and tell him that this will make sex with a condom feel so much hotter! Plus, it is safer.

2. Part of being sensitive also means using words like “more tailored” and “tighter” condoms. Avoid words like “too small” and “too big”.

3. Together you can determine what size is needed. You can show him this condom size guide, or you can purchase the Perfect Fit Finder Sampler and have fun discovering a range of premium condoms. 

4. If you know he needs a tighter condom, the Smaller Fit Condom Sampler is the most effective way to find the best condom for him and you. Remember, a condom that doesn’t fit him well also decreases your level of sensitivity too. Experiment! It cannot be emphasized enough how important this is for pleasure and safety.

Condoms vary not only in size, but also in shape, from contoured like Atlas True Fit, to classic like Glyde Slim Fit, as well as latex, non-latex, ribbed, dotted, and a variety of lubes.   

Show him a condom sampler, and tell him you have lots of condoms and want to try them all with him!

5. Flash the new condom at him in sexy ways. Pass it to him under the restaurant table, and tell him you can’t wait to try this on him later. Or whip it out in the heat of the moment, and put it on him yourself. Ask him how it feels. Does he like the new condom?

6. Try Japanese condoms. Kimono and Okamoto’s Beyond 7 are not only celebrated as the best thin condoms, they also tend to be slightly narrower than medium condoms. If your man does not need a “true” smaller condom and is in between condom sizes than Japanese condoms are your answer. Simply tell your man about the great reputation these condoms have and hand him Lucky Bloke’s Japanese Condom Sampler

7. Take your exploration to a new level, and join Lucky Bloke’s global condom review, Project Sure Fit. This is the first and most comprehensive condom review ever conducted specifically for men requiring a smaller, narrower condom. It’s an excellent opportunity to try the world’s very best smaller condoms, as well as deepen your communication with your partner and discover amazing pleasure together.

At it’s core, finding the right condom boils down to communication and experimentation. Done correctly, you and your partner will experience dramatically improved safer sex.