8 Ways A Man Who TRULY Cares Will Say 'I Love You'

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how to say I love you

The unmistakable signs...

The words “I love you” can be meaningful or meaningless, depending on the behaviors and actions that follow.

When a man is saying and showing you his love, a woman feels cherished and valued. When he’s saying “I love you,” yet showing red flag behaviors and doing questionable things, she will feel doubtful and rightly question his love.

Guys, showing that special woman you love her is an endearing and powerful way of saying “I love you” because it builds trust, reinforces your words, and makes her believe you love her.

To let her know you love her, here are 8 old-fashioned ways to show your love. (Ladies, be on the lookout for these!)

1. You're affectionate.

Being affectionate is more than having sex. Human touch is something most every person desires. When you’re hugging, sitting close to each other, holding hands, kissing, or cuddling, it brings you both closer, creates a deeper bond, and touches her heart.

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2. You call for no reason.

With texting becoming the norm, it’s easy to get caught up in the back and forth of instant messaging.

While there are situations where texting makes sense, calling her just to say you were thinking of her is charming. There’s no substitute for your loved one to hear your voice and for you to hear her voice. Have conversations for no reason, where there’s no agenda.

When these calls are spontaneous, she’ll be thinking of you and smiling long after the call.

3. You create a future together.

When you talk about your future and plan it together, you’re showing that she’s more than just a short-term connection.

When you make plans into the future, it alleviates uncertainty, lets her feel secure, and shows you’re a man who can be counted on. 

4. You give the woman you care about your attention.

Being connected to social media, mobile devices, and smartphones can cause us to be distracted, making it harder to focus and give our attention to the people we love.

When the one you love needs to talk or is having a bad day, stop what you’re doing and be present with her. When you’re with her in the moment being with what she’s going through, she will feel loved. 

If you’re not able to stop what you’re doing, let her know and give her some options of when you can give her your full attention.

(By the way — when she’s having a bad day, just listen instead of thinking you have to fix something. She just wants to be heard. If she asks for your advice, that’s the time to give advice.) 

5. You fully integrate a partner into your life. 

Keeping your woman separate from events and people in your life makes her feel like you’re ashamed of her or hiding something.

That compartmentalized approach waters down your connection and takes away that loving feeling. To show your love, share your lives together by including her in family gatherings, dinner with friends, and work events.

6. You make her (and the relationship) a priority.

Life and work can get busy, making it easy to lose track of what really matters. In the end, it’s the rich relationships we’ve developed and experienced that matter.

If sharing a meaningful love with your special woman matters to you, make her a priority through your words, behaviors, and actions. Share your true thoughts and feelings, resolve instead of avoiding challenging situations, and spend a good amount of time together.

7. You plan ahead.

While it’s great to be spontaneous, you’ll also want to plan dates ahead of time. If you’re always spontaneous, it can appear that you had other plans fall through or the person you wanted to do something with wasn’t available.

When you plan ahead, it shows you’re thinking about her and want to spend time with her.

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8. You woo her.

As time goes on, many couples find themselves taking each other for granted — a sure path to not feeling loved. Instead of becoming that couple, take the path of courtship.

It lets both of you show up as your better selves, and keeps you both feeling loved and appreciated.

Courtship appeals to a masculine man’s desire to pursue, initiate, and be appreciated. And it appeals to a woman’s desire to feel more relaxed so she can receive and respond positively to her man. It’s a win-win for both individuals and their relationship.

There’s a reason why these eight tried-and-true ways to say, "I love you" stand the test of time. When you consistently show your love in those ways, you’ll be building a strong foundation for love to thrive and last.

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