Why is Nicole a "Love Coach" anyhow ?- she's not even married...


Well I created this blog entitled Utter Candor...and I have realized I have been far from candid about what is going on with me and love so here it is folks.
I am sure many of my family members and a lot of my friends are wondering why I have chosen to be a relationship/love coach as my own personal track record in love has been far from exemplary. Single Mum at 40 with a long history of serial monogamy and a if you ask my Mum "a unpalatable taste in men"...
Well I am not going to make any excuses, I have made all the mistakes. Well not all of them. No one has ever dare hit me or done anything really nasty. In fact I have loved each and every man I have journeyed with and learned a great deal about love and myself from each of my relationships. For a long while I thought there was something wrong with me and the way my life was going. I thought that I was failing in love because I couldn't find the man I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. Over the years, I have begun to accept that this is just the way my life is meant to be. I have been meant to gain my life experience from a collage of different energies instead of just one. I believe this has given me the gift of great insight into many different types of relationship struggles. I have interfaced with lots of people so I am familiar with different types of issues that may arise. Some I suppose would argue that people keep attracting the same lesson over and over again until they get it right. I suppose there is some truth in this as I can definitely see a pattern in my past relationships but I can also see a pattern of growth and evolution. Like stepping stones... a bridge back home so to speak. I am now realizing as I research more and more and am in contact with more and more people that I am far from an abnormality. There are many many of us who are redefining the way the world views relationships and the concept of soul mates. I believe that that if I had wanted a different sort of life - I would have chosen it. My life is a direct result of all the choices I have made to date and to be perfectly honest, I have no regrets. Yes I have suffered unmentionable heart ache and self sabotage at times but if I hadn't ventured into those places how could I possible have compassion and understanding to be able to now help others out of their own despair. If I had found Mr Right at 20 and had been living a life of marital bliss for the last two decades it would be very hard for me to understand and appreciate someone who is struggling to attract love into their lives. I really believe self acceptance and feeling self love is the key to healthy happy relationships. As far as relating is concerned, relationship skills can be successful taught and learned. Loving someone is no great mystery, there really is things that you can to to demonstrate your love for another. You can get better at it. You can get better at knowing how your partner wants your love to be demonstrated. For me it has always been easy to see where other people's relationships are breaking down. It took me a long time to understand that not everyone want to this information...but now I am in a place that I attract people who are at the end of their tethers so to speak and are ready to transform their lives and are open to "going into those places with me"
It has been a long journey for all of us and I have been extremely fortunate to have some very loving and supportive family and friends along the way. I certainly wouldn't say my journey has ended by any means or that I am any wiser than anyone else when it comes to love. But what I can offer is my compassion and enthusiasm to helping others get through the tough bits. I can put my hyper perception and heightened sensitivities finally to the highest possible use and help others gain clarity and direction in their own journey into themselves. Blessing x