Is He In Love With You? 7 Surefire Signs


Does figuring out if he in love with you become confusing?

When you are single and looking for love it can seem so far away, like an impossible dream. The signs that the man you are with is in love with you can become blurred and confusing. You almost want to hold onto every man you meet and bend him into what you want him to be, so you can have the perfect man—the man that steps up, the man who treats you right, the man you are so proud to show off to your friends. But as we all know, finding the one is not that simple, and knowing if he is in love with you can become a little hazy to detect.

Here are some reassuring signs he loves you to help you know you are on the right path:

  1. You Feel Important

Men are people and people value what they feel is important to them. People will go any length and pay any amount of money for what they really want. Men are no different; when a man is in love with you he will go to great lengths to make sure you feel like an important person in his life. This is a sure sign he is into you!

  1. He Is In The Right Space For Love

Men think differently about love than us women. Men don't sit on the couch every day thinking, "When I am going to meet the one?" Men are more about timing; if having you in his life is a good fit for where he is today and where he wants to go, you have your man at the right time in his life. Men can pass up perfectly good women because they are not in the space for love. This is something to be aware of. When a man is in the right space for love, he will demonstrate this by his words and his actions.

  1. Consistently Stepping Up

A man in love consistently steps up; this means he asks to see you again at the end of the date. He follows up with phone calls and texts between the dates. He asks you to stay over during the week; he increases the amount of time he spends with you. Remember, men need a little space to figure out what they want, but as long as the relationship is consistently moving forward you are in safe hands.

  1. You Are On His Mind

A man in love does not need to be reminded to think of you, he just does. You will hear it in his words. He will say something like, "I was driving along in my car today and I heard that song you always play and it made me think of you."

Yes, men do say sweet things. When they are in love, they say them all the time. So no nudging or reminding him to text or call you. He will do this organically as his interest in you increases.

  1. You Feel Like The Prize

He asks you out; you say yes. He calls you; you can't wait to chat with him. He remembers the little things you like and buys you your favorite bottle of wine; he plays your favorite music and when you call around to his house he makes a big fuss over you.

When men value you they want you to feel special, they want to spoil you and they want to tell everybody you are his woman. Men want to feel like they have won the special prize.

  1. He Willing To Take It Slow

When something is important to men, they want to take care of it. They hate to screw things up in life—it really bothers them, especially when it is with a good woman. So when men value you, themselves and the relationship they are more eager to take their time. They want to please you, they want to make you happy and they want to take care of what is precious to them, so they will wait till you are ready for the next level.

  1. You Won't Have To Actually Ask

And the biggest clue of all that your man is in love with you is the fact that you don't feel the need to ask everyone else about the status of your own relationship—you just know. His actions and words have already reassured you several times. You no longer have to ask your friends, "Do you think he is good for me? Do you think he likes me?" You just know; it is obvious to both you and everyone else.

A man in love with you does not leave you guessing. You feel important in his company, his efforts are consistent and you feel like a million dollars. When love is real it is not confusing, the lines are not blurred and it is clear for everyone to see.

Juicy Tip: Women think future, men think present. In the early stages of a relationship, take your time, give your man space to check in with his feelings and don't be in a rush to get to the destination.

Men have to figure out by themselves where their heads are at and by allowing them to do this, you are making room for a very rewarding and fulfilling relationship.

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