The 5 Bad Boy Qualities To Avoid In Your Boyfriend Search

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If the love hurts, it is not love.

Oh yes ladies, let's face it, we all love a bad boy from time to time. Bad boys are fun, mysterious and exciting. I remember how much I use to live off the adrenaline rush of playing games and continuous drama. I would dissect his every move and words with my girlfriends, trying to work out where I stood.

It was always fast love, full of chemistry and sexual attraction, but completely bottomless in-between. What a rollercoaster. I could live on the high for days, even months. When the relationship would break, I found myself in the midst of complete despair. I would change job, country and my man, so losing him was never really a problem. I never stayed around long enough to deal with the consequences.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that bad boys do not make you feel good and can leave you feeling very frustrated, heartbroken, sad and alone.

Check out these five clues to spotting a bad boy:

1. The guy that has you questioning your own securities.

People use to always complement you on how bright, happy and what a ray of sunshine you are. That was before you met your current boyfriend. Now you are consumed with jealousy and plagued with guilt over not trusting your boyfriend. When you question him about it, he tells you that you are being silly, insecure and that you need help. Its only from leaving the relationship that you realized you are still that bright, happy girl. The reason for your insecurities was not you but him. He manipulated you to believing there was something wrong with you. 

2. Your relationship never leaves the bedroom.

He gorgeous funny, exciting and attentive. All you want to do is spend endless hours of alone time with him. Guess what you do, every day, every week and now every month. You start to get a bit bored with the usual routine. You ask your boyfriend, "Instead of sitting on the coach tonight, can you take me out?" While reminding him that you both have never been out together. He says, "Yea someday. Let's go to bed. I am tired. You know how much I love being with you (and having you all to myself). Isn't this what you want, to be alone with me? I hate going out anyway. After all, I'm horny. Let's go back to bed."

3. He has a string of ex's or "hang on" girls.

You know the man I am talking about. The gorgeous guy at work who you secretly say to yourself, "How yummy it would be to spend time with him." If only his ex would disappear. There she is, walking through the door again, wanting to talk about her latest drama. What about the "hang on" girl who keeps showing up at his beckon call. The dark haired girl who keeps laughing at all his jokes. Please! Someone needs to tell her to get a life. Tired and wrecked from all is drama, you are exhausted. You have come to the conclusion that it is probably best to leave this man alone.

4. He is dictating the parameters of the relationship.

I am waiting, waiting and still waiting. You are having fun. You hang out a lot together. You are secretly in love with him but you don't want to confess it yet. You would rather wait untill he says it first. But he never does, and never will. This guy never, ever steps up. Yet, he is dictating the parameters of the relationship and he knows it. When you ask him when would be a good time to talk, he replies that he is too busy. In fact, every time you ask this question, you keep getting the same answers. How time passes on an empty promise.

5. He's never there when you actually need him.

Oh, you know the guy I am talking about. "You can call me anytime." Then the car breaks down. You call him and he not there. Your mother needs help. You call him and he not there. He's there when it's fun time or he lonely. But when you actually really need him, he is nowhere to be found.

Knowing when a man is making an effort for you or is just playing games is really important on your road to love. If a man is not stepping up and is playing games with you, cut him loose. You must decide to leave those bad boys behind if you really want to attract true love.

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