How To Survive Your Long Distance Relationship


Working on a new relationship can be hard enough. Adding distance to the equation is another story.

Being in a relationship without getting to see one another over long periods of time (be it because of work or when it's a cross-cultural relationship), can take a high toll on your relationship, making them stall or wither away. So how do you keep your relationship fresh and spicy through the days of separation? Here are four tips that can help you through:

1. Maintain Consistent Communication

Communicating the affection is the flair that keeps most relationships up and running. Never let the distance affect how often you keep in touch with each other. Now as technology advances, we have more convenient methods to stay in touch — calls, texts, skype, etc. However, if you and your partner are into more traditional methods, then a few conventional letters and cards expressing your affection and your longing for each other would go a long way into bridging the distance and fortifying your bond.

2. Trust

The delicate balance that exists within a relationship, which either makes it or breaks it, is the trust that partners have with one another. Therefore, it's very important that you trust your partner whole heartedly, while you yourself stay true to his/her trust.

To help with maintaining trust, both of you need to be well aware of each other's intentions for the relationship. Be it a short term or a long term relationship that you are looking forward to, it is best conveyed as early in the relationship as possible. This avoids any confusion and misguided expectations which could lead to scarred and hurt relationships.

Trust adds confidence within the relationship and fuels the emotions required for a long distance relationship, making it burn more with desire when others would have dozed away.

As Roger de Bussy-Rabutin said, "Absence is to love as wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small and kindles the great."

3. Get to Know Your Partner

This may seem very obvious but — how much of your partner's "likes" and "dislikes" do you actually know about?

You must understand, like your desire to fulfill your needs and interests, your partner will have as well. Taking time to understand him/her and making sure to not force your likes onto his/her lifestyle, would greatly boost the relationship meter. This will also make your partner more comfortable with you — be it a long distance or proximal relationship.

4. Plan Ahead and Meet

Finally, this may be a long distance love, but getting to meet each other once in a while is essential for the relationship to persevere. Thus, take some time off your schedule, create a plan and allocate a budget to get together with your partner and personally meet.

Your time together may be scarce, but taking advantage of it and being intimate during this period will fuel the excitement in the relationship and keep the attraction alive over the long periods of separations which would eventually follow.