Finding A Soulmate 101: The 5 Subtle Secrets To Success


There's no "system" for finding a soulmate.

You don't ever have “The House” clean you out and there's certainly no “House Edge” haunting your every move. But as easy as it may all sound to you, it might come as a surprise to learn that soulmate success involves some secrets. Here are some nifty tips to get you through those “still single” blues days that keep creeping up on you like a new birthday every year!

  1. Keep Your Standards High. Agreeing to every dating opportunity is not about lowering your standards to something you're uncomfortable with. It's about first identifying what those standards are, and then learning how to say no when you meet someone who doesn't fit that picture. Saying no means you respect yourself and will not compromise on what you value in a relationship. Just because he's a 'looker' doesn't mean you throw your standards out the window and let him into your life.
  2. The Fun Element. Once you've met someone who fits the bill, start focusing on how much fun this relationship can be rather than on what's wrong with him. The physical appearance of a person can often get in the way of a truly enriching relationship, so don't let this happen to you. Be confident that your 'focus on fun' approach will bring out the best in anybody, irrespective of their physical qualities—unless, of course, one or more of those qualities are on your 'deal-breaker list!'
  3. Open Up. If you enjoyed the date, tell him in that many words. Men, unlike women, aren't very good at mind-reading, so they can't 'sense' your enjoyment; they need to be told in plain and simple words. If you're really interested in finding a soulmate, then let the guy know that you had a good time, or he won't call you back!
  4. First Date, Second Chance. Nobody gets a second chance at a first date, but you can give your man that opportunity if you feel that you really like the guy but need more time to discover whether he's the right one for you or not. Conversely, this also gives him an opportunity to see you in a different light and decide for himself whether you're right for him or not. So it works both ways, and it is sometimes the best thing to do if you're unsure but want to give it a shot.
  5. Dating Online. Have you ever thought of finding a date online? It's a great way to meet people after checking out their profiles. In fact, it's the best of blind dating without all the rude shocks that come with it! Create an inspired profile first, because if you do it when you're sad and depressed, you will come through as a desperate person seeking some/any/all kinds of relationships.

The future of your love life depends on your ability to navigate the stormy waters of human relationships. Use this article as a guide to set your compass right and steer you in the right direction. All the best!